Dear Zeus,
This is a letter of love for you. 4 weeks ago today , you crossed the bridge and my heart literally broke into a million pieces. This journey through grief has been THE most pain I have suffered in my life. I did not think I would survive it. Every day was pure torture that I couldn’t even escape when I went to bed because I wasn’t sleeping well.
I started to write our stories down and I felt connected to you, in remembering. I found this forum and have connected with wonderful people and was able to share my grief with others that are suffering just as much...I honored you and lit candles for you on the Monday night candle ceremony and prayed with others and felt you in my heart.. and on your birthday we had a little ceremony where I read you a letter and released 11 balloons {biodegradable} in remembrance of you and in celebration of you.
You have sent me signs, I have heard you give a little bark, and I even thought I saw you out of the side of my eye... and that lets me know that you are still around me , watching me, and sending me love and comfort just as you did every day you were here with me.
I am still breaking down at times, when missing you is just too painful ~ I still have your bed down in the living room and your toy bin in the kitchen ~ and I still sleep with your baby and your blanket ~ and I still say Goodnight when I go to sleep and so many other little things that were part of our every day life. I miss you dearly and always will my little man.
I am also remembering better days , before you were sick, our trips together, running in the yard, playing hide and seek, and of course ~ you opening your gifts, ripping the wrapping paper off.. and you putting all your toys away into the bin when you were finished playing. Watching the videos I have of you and how you always looked back to make sure I was there with you, I am here with you baby and I know you are here with me too. I will carry you in my heart Forever and I will cherish all the memories we made together and I cannot wait until I can see your little handsome face again. I love you Zeusie , forever ,
Your mommy xoxo
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Beautiful xxx
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I enjoyed reading this. I will be honest, when I saw the name Zeus, this little cutie didn't come up to mind at all 😁😁
He sounds like an absolute sweetie pie. 4 weeks hey. Gosh. I'm not sure how I will be then. I'm reading this forum alot, and seeing comfort in sharing.
It's not fair we have to go through these things.
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Wonderful written and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing. : ** )

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This is so sad but so lovely. I'm new here. We lost our Kimba 4 days ago and although its heartbreaking its good to know we are not alone.  Hopefully one day the grief will be easier to bear for us all xx
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Mysweetsimba ,
Zeus was the runt and so small that we decided to give him a big name and he lived up to it! He thought he was a big boy and was the sweetest.
Everyone has to take the time they need to grieve , and only you can decide what is right for you , but this forum really does offer comfort.
I’m sorry for your loss ..
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