Hi all,

I found this website while googling pet grief. My cat was diagnosed with heart disease a year ago, has been staying with another relative and I recently got her back last week. After the bumpy car ride a couple of days later she went to the groomer, on the weekend. It was that night I noticed something was not right as she was breathing rapidly, looked in pain when she tried to lay her head down to sleep and woke up over and over instantly (I believe the fur hid the symptoms well because it was so massive)

Emergency care put her on the medicines she probably should have been prescribed a year ago, to drain the fluid in her chest from her failing heart. She seems more comfortable because now she can sleep, but I noticed as she lays down to sleep she is twitching/having tremors.

This was such a stressful weekend for her and me. She not only had to deal with, in a matter of days, both a long car ride and a new environment, but the stress of the groomer as well as being in emergency care that night. It has been only two night passed since she went, and I only see the tremors at night as soon as she lays down.

I am so worried that it is a reaction to the medicines, but I also realize she's gone through a ton of stress. I can't bear to see her looking like that. Has anyone ever been through such a thing? The vet called me back and said to take her in if it does not go away soon, but I'm so scared to put her through more stress if it's just a reaction to stress, after all!!! Advice please? Thank you for letting me vent
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Same thing happened to my shelby just after she was diagnosed in CHF. But by then it was so advanced there really wasn't anything that could be done for her. The vet said she at best had 6 months to live, she died that night. That was sunday. Please if you can get your pet to a heart specialist. I wish I had months ago.
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Try the vet again...I know you are concerned about the stress but shaking and tremors can also mean pain. Keep us posted and I wish you all the best
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Thanks for the replies, and KaDunn I am very sorry about Shelby...

My kitty's vet called and said she possibly had a UTI as well. The poor thing! Took days for that result, I got a prescription that day by bugging the vet and picked it up and gave it right away. By this morning she's already had two doses so I hope the shaking/pain goes away soon. I feel so horrible not knowing how long she was suffering that pain as well, but I know I'm doing the best I can do right now.

She is going to the vet on Saturday to have her blood and everything re-checked, I've got family who is going to keep her calm in the car and distract her this time.

They did suggest seeing a specialist, but at this point I'm weighing the options as the specialists are all far away and she's already on the medicine she needs. If she's going to go, which seems likely though I don't know when (soon? a year?), I want her to go as stress free as possible. I'm already becoming more comfortable with the idea of her dying because of all the suffering she's been hiding from me that's coming to light, but I still love her and want her to know more love than pain in however long I've got her for.
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