So, in general, I am a very quiet and to myself person. On Monday, my world came crashing down. My cat Seymore, at the age of 20 passed away while wrapped up in a blanket in my arms. I know what you're thinking. Everyone goes at some point, atleast I had him 20 years first.

So when I was a little girl, I didn't have the best childhood, and without going into any detail, I've had Seymore since I was in the 4th grade. He was my first friend, and honestly, the first living thing that taught me unconditional love. he was abandoned by his mom, because he was born deformed, one of his legs was shorter than the others, and he was much smaller than the average cat. I fed him with an eye dropper, and brought him back. He never left my side again. I don't know how to proceed, People who know me, do know that I am devastated, but still to a lot of people, you can see the "it's just a cat" face. Thank you for giving me an outlet to tell my story. I'm so sorry that any of you have felt this pain.  
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Dear seymoremommy1,

Your story is somewhat similar to mine.  On Tuesday, my world also crashed, as I unexpectedly lost my Doberman of over 12 years.  I can't imagine what your loss of 20 years must be like.  My Hector went through a lot of my significant adult experiences with me, and now all of those memories are filled with his ghost.  I'm so sorry for you, and my heart is broken, as well.  We'll get better, but it's going to take some time.
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I want to add my sympathies to what has already been aid.  What brought me here to this site was the loss of my Beagle, Molly who was 14, BUT several years ago I also lost my kitty of 20 years, so I am all too able to know how you both feel.

Please know that you are in a place of the most wonderful, caring people you could find in the whole world.  WE ALL are suffering from the loss you are now going through.  Feel free to come here anytime and say anything,, someone will understand

Sorry for the loss you are feeling now.  Wish I could say it will go away quickly but that usually isn't the case.

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