My sweet baby Rita,
Another somber 25th day of the month...
Today marks 7 long months since you made your journey to the bridge.  I hope you are doing well and making some new friends at the bridge.  For me time marches on and I can't believe it's been seven months.  I can't wait until I get ready to close my eyes every night so we can have "our time".  I love having the darkness and quiet to be able to talk to you without any distractions.  Thank you for coming to me in my dreams.  It means so much to mommy. 
I have finally really fallen in love with Sage and I know you had something to do with that.  I had a difficult time in the beginning falling in love with her.  I loved her but I felt I could not ever love another cat the way I love you.  There will never be another you, but she is a wonderful companion in her own right.  She is actually becoming more and more like you as she gets older.  She used to eat everything in sight and now she is almost as picky and eater as you!  So far she is ok going to the vet, but that could change too!  I could not believe that you, my Rita could be so vicious at the vets office.  You would scream and growl at the vet and all the vet techs.  I kept telling them you were really a sweet cat, but I don't know if they believed me.
I think the thing I miss most about you is cuddling and sleeping with you every night.  Sage will cuddle but I think she may be too young to get through a whole night.  I'm sure she will when she gets older.
I just try to dwell on all the positive things about our short time together and that helps get me through the day. 
I'm grateful every day for the gift of love from you.  Thank you for 11 1/2 joyful years and showing me the true meaning of unconditional love.
Right now I'm counting down to retirement when I can have more time to spend volunteering my time  at a shelter.  I want to honor your memory by paying it forward. 
I love you to the rainbow bridge and back and I miss you so...
Love and kisses,
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What a lovely cat Rita in your profile pic.

Sorry for your loss, I too am contemplating volunteering at the local rescue to walk the dogs and feed the cats when I get to that point.
I just lost my precious Bailey last Tuesday--old age-- and my grief is still very raw. 

Yes give Sage a chance and young cats are quite fickle. 

I have Tink and Chloe to help me out, while not overly affectionate they do keep me company.

October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
My best friend, my companion, my love


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Hi Ken,
I'm so sorry for your recent loss of Bailey.  I can relate to the raw grief in the weeks after Rita went to the bridge.  I could not eat or sleep and I could barely work.  I just wanted to go be with her, but realized it is not my time and there is still more for me to do while here on this planet. 
Allow all the time you need to mourn Bailey and most importantly don't let anyone tell you to "get over it".  That insensitive comment hurt me on top of all the hurt I was already experiencing. You just don't "get over" a loving companion who has been part of your life and your soul. 
You have come to the right place for healing.  You should participate tonight in the candle lighting ceremony.  I know it's on Mondays but I don't remember what time.  I did it for a few weeks and it really to help me on my healing journey.  And grief is a journey and a process.  When I first came to this site I read posts that said the grief will eventually wane and positive memories will start to filter in.  And that is so true.  My family and friends were very concerned for my well being after losing Rita, but I would talk to her every night and ask her to help me to go on.  I know she heard everything I said and has been my guiding light towards healing. 
Just talk to Bailey whenever you get the chance and he will do the same as Rita has done for me.  They love us unconditionally and would want us to remember all the good things about our lives together.
I went to the shelter several times in the weeks and months after Rita's passing.  I would go in there, not to adopt a cat, but just to see those poor souls waiting for a loving home.  I'm 100% Rita was guiding me there as part of my healing.  Finally I went in and Sage chose me!  She reached her paw out and let out a meow as if to say, Rita said it's ok.  Rita saw my crushing grief and wanted nothing more than for me to be happy again. 
Life will never be the same without her, but it's a new normal.
You will know when you are ready to go volunteer at the shelter.  It will be a gentle whisper from Bailey...

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Hi Patrice,
Just to let you know I am thinking of you  - Anniversaries are always so difficult!!
I love what you said to Ken about the gentle whisper from Bailey.... so sweet!
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Treece my friend xoxo thinking of u and sharing ur heartache ((hugs))

Love, Stacie
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Hi friend. I've been thinking about you. I read your weekly posts about Wiley and know that even though I don't post anything you are very much on my mind. I find that being so busy at work and taking care of Sge makes the time go quickly. I hope your kittens are bringing you some joy and I'm sure Wiley is smiling down on you.

Thinking of you...
((HUGS to you too))
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