Today it will be a week since we put our beloved Boxer Max down. I miss him so much. Our son is 15 years old and as if that isn’t bad enough - high-functioning autistic and often times our home has been filled horrible energy - anger, violence, unbelievable venom. Max was a comfort to me during those times. When our son would be raging, he would come over and lean against me, trembling. I would put my arms around him and just hang on to him. He was always there to greet me with his smile and tail wags. That unconditional love was so helpful and important.

A little over a month before Max died, my beloved cat Puck died, and he too, was my friend, confidant and loving companion. I can’t believe I’ve lost them both so suddenly.

Anyway, I want to tell you how helpful it is to have found this community where we can help each other grieve and heal. I wish you all love.
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Dear Melissa,

I am so sorry to learn of your losses of your beloved's Max and Puck. That is a lot to go through and my heart breaks for you.

Coping with your son must also be so challenging. There is an autistic teen who lives up the street from where I reside, and many of our neighbors did not know that he had autism. He would kick fences, scream profanity, throw rocks etc. while walking through the neighborhood. Including at a little old lady's house. She was quite frightened and I told her I would try to find out what the problem was with the teenage boy. I politely approached him for the first time and boy oh boy did he immediately unload a string of very loud profanities at me! Lol. It was like coming face to face with an extremely angry sailer with PTSD or something!

I found out where he lived (at the end of a cul de sac) and finally met his step-mother. She was a sweet, kind, and delightful lady. She needlessly apologized profusely. She had married the boys Father and then the Father had recently passed away. Leaving her to raise the boy on her own. You could tell she was overwhelmed. A neighbor later informed me that the Police had been called by the step-mother many times when he lost control. I told the step-mother that I could completely understand and no apologies were necessary. and that I would brief as many of the neighbors who I knew personally, as I could, to try and avoid any possible future misunderstandings. There are a variety of ex-gang members in our "hood" here, and they might take the boy cursing at them in the wrong way unfortunately. 

I can well imagine how your Max & Puck must have been of comfort to you. My cat Marmalade was to me in so, so many ways. He saved my life countless times just with his presence. I could never, ever leave him behind in life. But sadly he had to leave me behind, when he departed our World 3 months ago this week. He was my best friend, my son, my brother, my comrade in arms, my only remaining family, my company, my love and my light.

I always thought this was a lovely song linked below, I dedicate this song to you today. I hope you have a restful and healing weekend. Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Forum, despite the unfortunate circumstances.

My kindest regards & sincerest condolences,


The Allman Bros.


Crossroads, seem to come and go, yeah
The gypsy flies from coast to coast
Knowing many, loving none
Bearing sorrow, having fun
But, back home he'll always run
To sweet Melissa
Mmm, hmm

Freight train, each car looks the same, all the same
And no one knows the gypsy's name
And no one hears his lonely sighs
There are no blankets where he lies
Lord, in his deepest dreams the gypsy flies
With sweet Melissa
Mm, hmm

Again, the mornin's come
Again, he's on the run
A sunbeam's shinin' through his hair
Fear not to have a care
Well, pick up your gear and gypsy roll on
Roll on

Crossroads, will you ever let him go? 
Lord, Lord
Or will you hide the dead man's ghost?
Or will he lie, beneath the clay?
Or will his spirit float away?
But, I know that he won't stay
Without Melissa

Yes, I know that he won't stay, yeah
Without Melissa
Lord, Lord, it's all the same

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Dear James,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I have seen other posts you have written and have been moved and impressed by your loving kindness. It is no wonder that you were loved by such a beautiful soul as your Marmalade. I send you my condolences on your loss as well. We were truly blessed to have been loved by them.

Blessings and gratitude,

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My dear Melissa,
My condolences on losing both Max and Puck! It’s a double whammy.
Our pets give us such comfort and it’s one of the things we miss so much.
Such a nice song posted by James.
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Thank you so much Sharon. I am so grateful for your warm, comforting words. I am sending prayers to you as well . May you always be blessed.

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