When I look at the lush green grass I felt so depressed and disillusioned that Max is not here to enjoy it. He loved sunny warm days, bathing in the sun, soaking up its rays was one of his greatest pleasures in life. Even at almost 14,he loved to roll and wiggle in the warm grass. I can not believe that just the day before he passed, he was rolling and wiggling and playing in the grass. I knew he was in pain, he would stop and stare at me. He had been to the vet twice in two days, and we were told he needed emergency surgery the next day. I just can’t get those two competing images out of my head. Max rolling in the grass/24 hours later euthanizing him in my arms after they found his intestines riddled with scar tissue during the surgery. No matter what I do, I can’t help thinking that there was something I could have done. Second opinion. The Dr. said if she removed all the scar tissue, that it would redevelop quickly and he would die an inhumane torturous death. I’m sick to my stomach thinking of him jumping into my arms twice , wanting to go home. 
Laraine Esposito 
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I am so sorry you have lost Max. I, too, had the experience of seeing my little beagle, Quinn, playing happily one day and still in my arms just days later from an aggressive cancer. The kindest thing you can do is shield your boy from needless suffering. It’s quite likely a second opinion would have yielded similar results, but it is perfectly normal to second guess your decision. It had to be extremely difficult seeing Max wanting to go home and knowing if he did, he would suffer greatly. Your final act of love was the kindest thing you could have done. Try to focus hard on happier times in these beautiful spring days and know you gave Max the best life he could have had.

Here is my boy, Quinn, enjoying that same lush grass. I know you love Max just as much as I love my boy. They are frolicking together at the Bridge.

Pat, Quinn’s mom 🌈
You may visit Quinn's memorial at:
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My Sadie loved laying out in the sun while I worked in the yard.  I bought a memorial stone and I am in the process of adding a concrete dog statue for her memorial.  My heart hurts when I am working in the yard and she is not beside me.   It's only a month and it seems like years.  They are all frolicking together.....
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