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Addendum:  These types of articles also have not made me well-disposed toward vets:

Why I'm ashamed to be a vet:
a shocking exposé of the profession that puts pets through
'painful and unnecessary treatments to fleece their trusting owners'


I have read numerous expository articles such as this one -  some were far worse-  and it is appalling -  pet owners, beware. 
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Please be aware that there are wonderful veterinarians. I read this article and I am also an author - I do not like the article nor the way in which it is written. Most of us would give our babies our own kidney if it were possible to have a whole year more with them.

Veterinary care in the UK is VERY DIFFERENT THAN IN THE USA!!

I have NEVER - in16 years met a single VET who just wanted to do testing for money. I know where my vets live and the house I built with my ex-husband was twice the size of my vet's homes. They genuinely care for the animals they treat - if your vet does not then find another vet but do not dump the entire profession into the garbage can. I have been at the vet when I was just about pleading for an x-ray on my puppy because we both knew he had swallowed something but we did not know what. My vet said that as long as he is himself and eating and pooping and NOT vomiting then it is best to let him pass whatever it is himself so there really was no need for an x-ray. She was right and I was being a very nervous mother as it was less than a year since I had lost my Bear. He passed what turned out to be a piece of toy stuffing from one of Bear's toys I never even saw him get as puppies move so quickly and I would have sworn I never took my eyes from him. However he was Very close to Bear and to this day sniffs out Bear's toys or anything with Bear's scent on it -even a blanket- for his own comfort. My vets also saved my Bear's life on several occasions before he was even 4 years old - thankfully after age 4 he was fine. He landed wrong catching a Frisbee and tore the ACL in his knee and herniated 2 discs in his spine. He lost the use of his back legs, his bowels, his bladder and was in great pain - my vet told me where a Veterinary Neurosurgeon was and I called and brought Bear right there. They did x-rays and a myelogram and spinal surgery (a laminectomy) and after a week in the hospital Bear came home.  The surgery and the whole incident was, obviously unexpected and was well over $3,000. That is why there are credit cards - for emergencies. And I worked with him every single day and he re- learned to walk and after 6 months was running around like nothing ever happened. He was with me until he was 14. (There are also several charitable organizations who will help pay emergency vet bills for you as they act on the belief that no pet should die due to lack of money.( I have listed them elsewhere on this site) A good vet will save a pet's life and then let you pay off the bills anyway as Vets do not PTS healthy animals - even injured ones- just for money.)

I am in the NJ, NY, PA area and there is huge progress being made in veterinary care. As in human cancer a person may have to go through a tough time but is cured of cancer afterwards - so it may be with pets. However they are finding that chemo is not nearly as toxic or taxing on the pet as it is on humans.

They are doing dog blood transfusions to save the lives of dogs, who for whatever reason whether illness or injury have lost too much blood.

University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital is now curing Chronic Renal Failure in cats by doing cat kidney transplants. They rescue cats from death row at shelters and match the right two cats. When the donor cat's kidney is put into the other cat BOTH cats are healthy and the only requirement is that the recipient cat's family must give a loving and forever home to the donor cat. So they are saving two lives.

Please do NOT vilify an entire profession for one bad experience. PLEASE.
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I am glad to hear all of the above.  I myself am in the greater New York City area and have had mixed experiences with vets and animal clinics.  I do not believe in over-vaccination,  and I do believe strongly that  my Maine Coon cat did contract lymphoma from massive over-sedation for a simple procedure. That said,  I have also had good experiences over the years, and have sent cards thanking my vet more than once for them.  I do believe in keeping a sharp eye on the helping professions for obvious reasons.  So great to hear all of the above,  excellent to know. 
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