I just needed a place to share Ohno's life. Warm words of support are welcome (and needed).

Ohno showed up on my mom's porch as a fully grown orange tomcat. She named him "Ohno" because she already had four cats and didn't really want another one. Because he was big and initially unneutered the other cats would pick on him. He was twice their size, but never fought back. I wanted a cat and he needed a home of his own and so we were matched. Ohno wasn't a lap cat but he liked to be close. In the early years before I got his brother, he would wait by the door when I left and be there waiting still when I would get home. Wherever I sat, he would sit right next to me. It used to drive my partner crazy that every time he got up, Ohno would steal his seat. He liked little toy mousies. He would pick them up by their tail and throw them in the air and chase them. He liked string but he was kind of lazy and would only chase it if it was within paw's reach. He was a bit of a piggy. He would sit next to me while I ate and stretch out his paw place it on my hand and looking at me hopefully. He never used his claws. He would eat all kinds of things cats don't usually eat like popcorn and edamame. He liked to talk to me. He would meow in response to questions that I would ask him. He always responded to "Are you a good boy?" I had all kinds of nicknames for him, baby piggy, baby pumpkin, snuggleupigus, stinky Ohno. When he got older and became diabetic I would call him Wilford Brimley, or "Brims" for short. He was so tolerant of his shots. I think I was more freaked out by them than he was; he never really even seemed to notice. He was an expensive cat. Between figuring out the insulin dose, and an episode where he became hypoglycemic, and then having to remove a toe because there was growth on it, and then everything that happened at the end, I spent really more money than I had on him. But I did it without hesitation. I got Ohno when I was 19, so I have basically spent my whole adult life with him. Roommates and partners came and went, but Ohno was my constant. There was a period of time in which I was really depressed and he was the only thing that got me out of bed. He was there when I quit drinking, happy to keep me company at home while I figured out how people who didn't go out drink spent their time. We got to spend 13 years together. If God had told me he was going to give me the most amazing, loving, and attentive cat but I'd only get to keep him for 13 years before he wanted him back, I would have made that deal. And I guess I did. The end came too quickly and not quickly enough. As a final blessing, there was a service that came to the house and he got to fall asleep forever in his favorite chair while I whispered to him how much I loved him and how he was such a good kitty. I miss him so much it physically hurts sometimes. I know that I am in the thick of my grief, but I cry almost every day when I come home and he isn't here to greet me. I don't know if I will ever have a buddy as attuned and connected to me as Ohno was. I know that I will always have cats and they will all be special in their own way, but there will never be another Ohno, and right now that just crushes me.


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What a beauty he is.  I know your loss is terrible.  I grew up with a tom cat very like him.  You have found the right place to get the comfort and understanding you need so badly right now.  Everyone here is hurting so you know that we all truly understand.

I envy you that you got to say goodbye to your baby in his home.  That is what I had planned to do for my Molly too, but it didn't work out that way.  I am not even sure she heard me and with the stroke she was so frantic that there was no comfort I could give her.

I know your baby heard you and that you were going to miss him.  Try to take some comfort in that.

 Molly crossed over the Bridge last Thanksgiving and I am still crying daily for her so don't ever feel that you are alone or taking too long to grieve.  There is no right or wrong.  It is what it is and no one can tell you how long is long enough.  Take care and you are welcome here to stay as long as you need.
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Smash  So very sorry for your loss of OhNo.  All of us here on this forum are grieving in our own way and our own time.  I feel the same as you.  There will never be another Winston.  Our babies all meant so much to all of us.  OhNo was so lucky to be home in his final hour.  He heard everything you whispered to him. 

Sometimes I myself got very depressed.  I used to say to myself.."you have to straighten up, Winston needs you".  I still grieve and cry over Winston.  They become part of your life and soul.  My baby was 12 when he crossed the bridge, and how can you forget 12 wonderful, happy loving years of your life?  Peace to you

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Wow! What a beautiful story. I am in tears after reading what an incredible friend your kitty was and how close your bond was.. I feel so badly for you because I understand that awful pain when it does physically hurt. I was always more of a cat person but then we rescued a little shih tzu and perhaps he rescued us as well. As you said, he was there for so many important days in my life and we had to let him go in November when he was 15. Interestingly, he loved cats!
So cute that Ohno would steal your partner's seat! He sounds like quite a character. It's funny how we come up with all of these pet names - I did the same thing and wrote them down in a journal after he died. I would also write to him in this journal when the pain was really bad or just when I wanted to share something with him. You might find that helpful.
I think it was so beautiful that you let him go peacefully in his favorite chair; such an amazing final gift to such an amazing friend.
I am so very sorry for your loss! Please take care!
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What a moving heartbreaking story. So sorry for your loss. All my cats are strays and I was never a cat person but was up to ten! Sweetie was special though. He jumped into my car when I opened the door one day and sat in the passenger seat ready for me to take him home which I did. God only gave me him for six short years as I lost him a week ago. We live in a new state and I have no friends. Hr wasy my buddy and reason I couldn't wait to get home at the end of the day. Life will never be the same and I miss him terribly. Amazing the effects they have on our lives. As much as it hurts I'm glad we both had these special animals.
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The name made me smile, what a great name, Ohno. I am so sorry for your loss. I am approaching 3 years now, and I miss him so. He had an unusual name as well, Sidekick. If you said it fast it sounded like Psychic.

Sometimes we have that one special one, and the loss is great and deep.
"People disappoint, dogs never do" - spiritdog

"You MUST be your pets ADVOCATE, if it doesn't feel right walk away." - spiritdog
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