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It's now been 2 months now since you have left my physical world. Not enough words can explain or describe the rollercoaster I've been on with out you physically being with me. I went the motions tonight at work even my co workers noticed and now I cannot sleep. It's seems like some days are better than most but then it's a freight train of emotions that crash into me. Sawyer I miss you terribly , everything about you I miss. You always made the day brighter and better even if I was having a bad day. You always gave me that love and made me smile. But now I sit here nearly overwhelmed with emotion , oddly with a smile on my face.Only because I know you do not want me to cry or be upset because you are still with me.

And I want to thank you for coming to see me last friday. As I sat watching the news having some coffee I saw a shadow go through the sun that came in through the window which was as tall as you. I called your name and the shadow stopped at my feet and it felt like a static charge went up from my feet through my legs.Every hair on my legs stood , I couldn't believe it. A moment later my cat who I rescued years before I had Sawyer strolled in and laid in the exact spot where I last saw the shadow stop. My cat laid there looking at me wagging his tail like Sawyer always did looking for a little attention.

I cannot explain what I saw or felt last friday , I only know my body reacted like that when I got his remains back and brought him back home. When I got back inside with him in my hands it was like an electrical charge going through my arms , every hair stood and I became aware that he will always be with me.

Sawyer I just wanted to let you know like I do everyday how much I miss and love you. And I never said the words good bye to you. I never wanted you to hear those words, it was never good bye it was always I love you !!
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