Ive been praying for him to come to me in a dream, but every morning i wake up disappointed. I drove to Albany for a dr appointment and stopped for a bite to eat at a favorite pizza place. I placed myself in a sunny window and was looking at my phone. I looked up from my phone and there in a wispy cloud formation was my precious little one. It only lated a second, but was very clear to me. Thank you, my dear Quincy for coming to me when I needed you to be there. I miss you so much. Have a good day playing with your friends in heaven, i love you baby boy.
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Your Quincy was letting you he was okay...amazing how our furbabies still comfort us!  That post made me smile.  I had a friend once whose best friend (human) passed on and he was upset.  He told me that he looked up and swore he saw his friend in the cloud for a moment and then he was gone.  His friend was trying to tell him it was okay, as was your Quincy.  LOVE the proof......very comforting.  Thanks for the post

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again


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