I adopted this wonderful dog Sampson 5 yrs ago. He was a pitbull mix. I've had dogs and cats all my life but he was the most special dog I've ever had. He had been abused & neglected & was very afraid of people. I knew he needed me. I would never jave guessed at his wonderful personality or the character he would become. I loved him so much. He died August 14, 2017 at tje age of 6 years old of kidney disease & failure. I am devastated without him. I expected to have him with me at least another 10 years. I feel like I'll never recover or be happy again. Everything reminds me of him and my loss. I cry all the time. I'm going to rescue another pitbull because so many need homes and it might help to heal my broken heart but there could never be another Sampson and I miss him so much.
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I think sometimes we make a really special connection with an animal who's lived through hardship. It sure looks like Sampson was glad to finally "be home" with a loving family.

Glad you found each other and sad it was such a short stay with you.

Bertie's Daddy
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Sampson is a very beautiful doggie and I'm sure he was eternally grateful to you for rescuing him.  I hate it when I hear of abused animals.  They love us unconditionally.  I'm so sorry you lost Sampson.  I completely understand having other pets, but one that is particularly special and unforgettable.  I will pray that you find some peace and comfort soon.  I'm certain Sampson would want that for you.

Marina ~ Mitookie's Mom
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