I made the decision to finally say goodbye to Fluffy yesterday. She had another stroke this weekend. That makes 2 strokes in a year, possibly a 3rd because she had either a stroke or a seizure in March of this year too. I don't regret my decision, but a part of me is still wondering if I should have held on to her a little longer. She had so many issues: collapsing trachea, neurological problems, anxiety, she peed on herself in her sleep, arthritis. Most of these issues came after her first stroke back in December 2016. I just couldn't bear putting her through another year not knowing what issues were going to spring up as a result of the stroke she had this weekend. She seemed to be recovering yesterday, she was walking again, and seeming to come out of the immediate effects of the stroke, but I couldn't bear to see her like that again. This stroke was so much worse than the last one. All year I kept saying, "one more stroke and we gotta let her go." I suppose I've had a year to mentally prepare which made it a little easier. I just hope I made the right decision.

The house feels so empty. I keep expecting her to peek her head around the corner or crawl out from under the bed. I keep listening for the pit-pat of her feet on the hardwood floor. I keep thinking, "oh, i have to go check on Fluffy." Its so strange not having to do anything for her. This morning when I woke up, i struggled because i had nothing to do. I couldnt read or play around on the internet or watch tv because i am so used to having her there. I feel so lonely. I am surrounded by people and love and i still feel so lonely. I miss her so much.
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You made the right decision. Very sorry for your loss, but she loves you more for letting her go. The fears and doubts and grief are normal, we all experience them. I hope you had a good, long time with her, but even if it was brief, it was joyous for both of you. Take care.
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I agree that you did the right thing and it was really the best choice for your beloved Fluffy. That doesn't lessen the pain though I know. My house seems so empty too. It's the worst. I hate to come home now without having Sunny there waiting to greet me at the door. I also understand how lonely it makes you feel. I'm glad I found this place though and I hope you are okay.
Take Care!
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