My beautiful 11 year old chocolate lab Gemma was euthanised yesterday. I'm totally devastated.

She'd been through so much in her life. Age 6 she had to have major spinal surgery, we helped her to walk again and she recovered. She had her hips desensitised.

Last year she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and had been on a cocktail of tablets since with regular vet trips to get her abdomen drained. She remained quite active despite this up until a few months ago when we noticed her decrease in weight. She eventually would eat only small amounts, occasionally wolfing a full bowl. She'd take her tablets disguised in various foods no problem, it's as if she knew these were helping her.

Friday just gone she was suffering with diarrhoea, once she was empty she was still straining to go and look incredibly uncomfortable. Late Friday night she was increasingly unsteady on her feet and we knew her time had come.

We spent the night with her and rang the vets yesterday morning.

It's been one of the most painful experiences but she looked so peaceful at the end.

I'm missing her more than words can say. She was everything to me and my family. The house just feels like an empty shell at the moment. She was such a beautiful girl.

I'm finding it a comfort sharing my story here, I'm trying to be strong for my 7 year old son (who has taken the news well).

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I am truly sorry. I just lost one of our fur babies on Friday. Its heartwtenching isn't it.
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I'm so sorry for your loss too, I've just read your post further down.

They give so much and ask for nothing in return don't they.

It's heartbreaking.

My husband is equally devastated.

They are with us for such a short space of time.

So sad x
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