Lost my 26 year old cockatiel on Fri 8 June. I am still struggling with having to have PTS my old ginger puss in April last year. Then on June 23 2017 I had to PTS my wee girl cat due to cancer in the afternoon. My mother also passed away on the morning of 23 June 2017.Then on August 15 my tabby boy Tom just disappeared. I have looked everywhere for him. I just don't know what happened to him. It still gets to me. I thought I was coping okay but all the heartache and sadness has come back. My bird dying has set it all off again. I keep it to myself. A lot of people don't understand. How do other people cope with the sadness. Thank you
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I am so so sorry for your losses - and especially for your most recent loss of your long companion of 26 years!  You two have spent a lifetime together and your grief will be so so fresh...And, your grief is compounded by so many other recent losses...This journey is so difficult and while we often think we are ok, deep down within the pain and ache just stays and grows.  It is like living surrounded by a dense fog so everything seems muffled or muted.  It seems like we work on 'auto-pilot'...
Loss - it makes us feel as if we are alone...especially when those around us do not seem to understand the depth of our grief nor the intensity of our emotions...You have found the right place to not be alone on this journey.  There are so many understanding, kind and caring people on this forum that are always there to lend a shoulder when needed the most...
Your earthly angels, your 'ginger puss', your 'wee girl cat', your mother, your 'tabby boy Tom' and your beloved cockatiel have become your heavenly guardian angels.  No doubt losing your 'wee girl' and your mom on the same day is a sign they have found one another - I have come to believe and feel there are no such thing as a coincident.  
Sadness, mourning, grief - become the markers of lives shared, and missed, of love and companionship missed and of how we understood ourselves and our role within our world.  And, perhaps we though time learn to accept these emotions as the 'proof' of exactly that - love lost and perhaps these become less painful as our gratitude for the fur, feathered ones that have touched our lives grows.  
Parsley, you have lost so much in a short period of time...years, moments spent together with these special ones and your mom are precious and the emotions behind these cannot be 'tidied' up in the blink of an eye....Be kind to yourself, let the tears fall, let the grief be and take each day one step at a time.  Come to the forum often to share your special ones and to find the understanding without question or expectation.  Take care. 
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Dear Anna,

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your Cockatiel, what is her/his name. Are you able to share a photo of him/her, they are such smart birds, I would love to hear more about your sweet baby if you feel up to sharing, of course I completely understand if you don't feel up to it at this time, whenever you are ready, there is no rush.

Anna, you have suffered many losses in such a short time frame, I can't even begin to imagine the difficulties you are suffering, especially with losing your Mom and one of your sweet babies on the same day. You are a tower of strength to have survived such a day, I can't imagine having to go through what you went through.

Anna, always know that the people on this wonderful forum truly do understand, this beautiful place is full of the most caring people you will ever "meet", so never hesitate to reach out to any of us here, myself included. Feel free to write to me anytime, this is a difficult journey with many days of such heartache and pain, having someone to write/talk to and share with who understands is so comforting.

I am so, so sorry for your losses, I wish nothing but for your heart to find the peace and healing it so deserves.
Thank you for visiting our little girl's thread and your wonderful comments about her and her movie, I truly appreciate you taking the time to write to us.....thank you.

Sending our most positive, healing thoughts your way. May each day bring the peace your shattered heart deserves.

Sincerely, Don & Vera

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Oh my. That is a huge amount of loss in a very short period of time. I am so very sorry, Anna. What you are describing is just a whole world of pain.

Twenty-six years is a staggering amount of time. It will be very hard to adjust to your sweet, baby bird not being with you. All the while, as you are trying to weather these other losses. My heart goes out to you very much.

I hope you can take things in just bits at a time. And be super gentle with yourself as you have so much raw grief. 

Do you have any supportive people near you locally? I dearly hope there are some. But you mentioned that many don't understand. If there is a pet-loss group you could get to, it might be meaningful to meet others who have suffered losses. 

I do hope writing here will be a help, as everyone understands how deeply the pain flows when losing beloved pets. I wish I had a balm that could lift your pain. But we here can listen. I wish for you a multitude of comforts in this difficult time.

Hugs to you.

-Missing Marissa deeply
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