Hi, my name is Alice and I’m a junior in college, hours away from home and for the last few days my parents had been updating me on the health of our cat/best friend named Boe. Boe was a 4 year old, all orange, golden eyed, handsome cat who has always been crazy, cuddly, and healthy. A few days ago my mom called me saying how Boe hasn’t been walking around and has been sitting in one spot for a few days. We just assumed he was sick and had contracted some illness from another cat. So she said that she and my step-Dad were going to take him to the vet tomorrow if he’s not better in the morning. The next day I get a text saying Boe was diagnosed with Saddle Thrombus Disease (FATE). I didn’t read the text initially because I was in class, but when I read it I was curious. I wasn’t worried because Boe had always been healthy and he was young so I figured it was just an immune system thing. So I googled it and I was met with a nightmare. For those of you who don’t know what Saddle Thrombus is, it’s a heart condition where a large blood clot has formed in an artery of the cat. The clot then breaks off and travels down the largest artery, the Aorta. The aorta travels down the body and then splits off to the cats hind legs to provide blood to the legs. The clot that broke away travels down to the saddle of the cat (where the aorta splits) and then gets lodged in the middle, blocking off blood to both hind legs. This causes immense pain and paralysis. When this happens there are usually physical signs portrayed by the cat, but in my case Boe did not scream or cry, he only laid around which is why my parents had not brought him to the vet immediately. Turns out that because my fur baby was so tough as to not cry out, this partly caused his demise. When the diagnosed him they said that they would keep him for a minimum of two days where they provide blood thinners and aspirin to my Boe and then track his progress to see what actions to take next. When i looked up the average lifespan after being diagnosed with FATE, the condition with heart failure is 77 days, and without is 223 days. So I made a plan to come home and visit him at the vet and spend all my time with him the coming weekend and my parents said that they would keep my updated and send pictures as they were going to visit Boe daily until I came. So I prayed probably 50 times that night for God to heal my best friend, or make me sick in exchange for his health. I woke up the next morning and did the same, thought about him the second I was awake, and then prayed and prayed again. I figured since he was so young, strong, and usually healthy that he would get better gradually and then kick FATE’s butt. Then around 10 that morning in class I got this feeling like something was wrong, but then shrugged it off as nerves for my test that I was about to take. I went through my day as usual and around 3 I texted my mom if she had heard any news. I didn’t get a reply and I figured she was working still and hadn’t seen it. At 5 I was laying in my bed and then I finally got a text from my mom asking what I was doing. I replied nothing and then she called me. I said hey and my tests went well and then i hear my dads voice on the phone and not my moms. He tells me, “I’ve got some bad news baby, Boe didn’t make it.” My mind went completely blank. I asked when it happened and he told me that my mom had gotten a phone call around 11 that Boe wasn’t looking good, and by the time she had gotten there he was already gone. I asked if they had buried him and they said they hadn’t and that he was there sitting in their laps. I was competeley torn apart and said that I loved them and to pet him for me. He told me that Boe was strong up to the very end; when they were with him at the vet that night before he had still headbutted both of them even though he was in excruciating pain. We talked a bit more and then hung up and I completely broke down. How had this happens so quickly? Not that long ago I was playing with him, cuddling, and giving him catnip, and within 24 hours of finding about his condition he had already died. I’m sitting here writing this in tears because I just can’t seem to grasp the situation of losing my best friend and beautiful baby to something so horrible. I never even got to see my baby before he was gone. And to add to it, it hasn’t even been a year since my other baby boy, Jack, was put down in my arms at the age of 12. I still think about Jack every day, and even made him my phone password so I wouldn’t forget him. Now I’m dealing with double the grief and I don’t know what to feel. I loved my boys so much and it makes me hesitant to get another cat in the future because of the pain they both had to go through. I know I know the healing process is long, and that I should think of all of the fun, crazy, and loving times we had together but I don’t know when I will get to that point. I hope this post can help someone to catch their baby at an earlier stage, and beat Saddle Thombus, in the name of my baby Boe. I love you Boe and I know you’re happy to be reunited with Jack again. Fly high.
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Oh, Alice, that is awful. My deepest sympathies to you on your loss. Especially with you being several hours away, not with Boe, not knowing what's going on. I have heard of Saddle Thrombus but didn't know what it was. Is it rare? 

Yes, kitties are tough and they really do mask their pain quite well. And sometimes I have seen little clues but brushed them off, thinking the cat is just under the weather, like we all get sometimes.

Just take your time healing. Everyone has their own schedule. I try to think of the good times I had with my furkids, and eventually they make me smile instead of breaking down in sobs.
"Some of you say, "Joy is greater than sorrow" and others say, "Nay, sorrow is the greater." But I say unto you, they are inseparable. Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed." Khalil Gibran
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