My handsome boy Rusty has been gone four days and I'm not crying all day now,just this ache that persists in my heart, my other two babies are grieving and I feel really bad for them.Rusty was a boxer/bulldog mix,absolutely perfectly beautiful and my best friend.My bengal cat Bubba meows so mournfully I can hear him crying for Rusty,my female rednose Lily is depressed,she and Rusty had been inseperable for the last four years.I am waiting for that glorious day when I see that sweet face.
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Posting this in both of your threads so you always have it close to you:

SO, so sorry for your loss.  Please know you are not alone here, and you have found a safe place to mourn your precious baby for as long as you need without judgment or questions.

Sadly, we are all united in our grief, but that unity has also been a tremendous comfort to me, as it hopefully will be for you.

Sending warm thoughts
Rachel (Cuddles's mommy)
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