5 months into my journey and I still miss my dog as much as I did the day she passed. I still instinctively do things around the house as if she was still with me. Whether it is grabbing an extra doggy snack or looking for her when I go out to the park, I always look for her. Then it hits me that she is gone. No more sleeping on my head and waking me up with her snoring. No more riding shotgun when we go to the park. No more stealing my food when I get temporarily distracted. My other pooch was never as mischievous as my Beagle so she would never do any of these things. We are just growing accustomed to not having my poor Beagle around. It has been rough. I don't think the feelings of sadness ever really go away. I think we just get better at tolerating them. I was doing fine for several months. By fine I mean trying to function every day without spending all my waking moments thinking of her. Then last week I just had the worst day ever. I woke up one day really missing her. I don't mean just taking note of the fact she was gone, I mean really missing her. It got so bad that after work I was not able to stay home in my house so I packed up the other dog and drove to mom's house. I called her to let her know I was going over but she never answered. I drove around her neighborhood for a while waiting to hear a reply from her but no luck. Then suddenly, a car behind me stopped really fast as if it had hit something. They took off and I got out to inspect. Of course, a beagle that looks just like mine runs up to me and lays down at my feet to get picked up. I placed her in my truck and she takes shotgun just like mine used to. I can't explain how much this dog looks like mine, not the fluffy poofy type of beagle snout but the slender one. All the same colors and everything. She then opens the container in the door that holds treats and grabs one and then jumps on my lap, rolls down my window and sticks her head out and falls asleep. I don't recall how long I drove around the neighborhood like that. I didn't want to wake her. Eventually, I called the number on the tag and after a long trip located her house and returned her to her humans. Rough trip going back home that night. I call mom to tell her about my escapade the next day and she interrupts to inform me that she got a new puppy for my sister's kids. They have never had a dog. In honor of my beagle they decided to name her Sally so that it would cheer me up. I think I had the exact opposite response than what they where looking for. I don't like that dog at all. To make matters worse, my folks are holding the new puppy for a few weeks until my sister comes down to visit. On top of that, my folks went on a cruise, yay! I now have that stupid dog at my house for the next two weeks. I love my remaining pooch and even love mom's two older dogs. The three of them get along fine. I babysit them often and bring them over all the time to play with my basset hound. I don't mind dog sitting them. It's that new puppy I can't help hating and I really want to kick it over the fence. I will not call it by its proper name either. Now I am stuck with it for 2 weeks. I am having a ruff week indeed.
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I am sorry you are having a tough time right now. It sounds like you feel your family thought they could "replace" your sweet baby. Not understanding that you don't want A dog in your life, you want your baby back. The one that you loved, the one that brought you such joy, the one who's personality stole your heart everyday. I think this forum helps, it has helped me some in the short days I have been here, because we all understand the bond and love that can never be replaced. Our babies are not interchangeable. My mom was trying to be helpful and said I could eventually adopt another cat to keep Jake company while I'm at work since my dog Belle is not home while I am away. I don't want a cat, I want my Sammie. Just my Sammie, with his amazing personality that no other can ever compare too. I love animals, but I don't think my heart can accept a new cat that is not my Sammie after the level of grief I feel right now.
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Well, the longest time between the time that I lost a beloved pet and adopted a new one was 7 months. The shortest period was 3 weeks. The most dogs I have ever had at one time is 3 and I have lost 3 dogs over the past 4 years. The oldest was Casino he lived to be 14 ( he weighted 130 lbs) and the youngest was Cheech he lived to be 12 ( he was 6 lbs)

Casino my giant was my first furry baby and my first loss. He had been with me since he was 10 weeks old. He was my son and he thought he was a lap dog. He would stand in the kitchen talking ( vocalizing) asking for his dessert (chew treat) every evening after dinner The grief of his loss was so hard that I swore that I would never go thru that pain again. 7 months later Max showed up. He was 18 months old, a barker and needed a home. Someone who knew me and knew how much I loved dogs and knew that I was experienced with big male dogs approached me about taking him. He was hard to place because of the barker. 2 things dawned on me. First I loved dog and cherished the companion ship and spend bond that developed between us. Secondly I realized that there are thousands of animals living in shelter that could benefit from the love and care that I could provide. I took him in . We spent 10 wonderful years together until he died suddenly 4 weeks ago.

Cheech was my first small dog, who came home with my daughter from college. He was adopted from the shelter we he was 6 years old. His favorite activities were eating and sitting in your lap. Because he was a small dog I expected that he would live to be much older than my big dogs and was not prepared when he developed renal failure at 12. I had completely different relationships with Max and Cheech. I was heartbroken and I was a mess. Imediately after his death, friends were sending me pictures of small available rescue dogs. I really longed for another small dog but my head told me that getting one to soon would be disrespectful to Cheech's memory. Three weeks later my daughter packed me and Max in the car and said that we were going to meet a new chihuahua that she had found. Max and The new dog (Beau) greeted each other and within 30 minutes the new dog was adopted. Beau actually looks somewhat like Cheech but their personalities are completely different. Beau, the new dog saved me with him my joy was restored, everything about him was to be loved ......I call him my heart healer to this day. There were so many dogs in the shelter that they actually paid us $10 to take him. Again I was reminded of just how many dogs are in shelters and who deserve the love and protection that I can provide.

I have always made it a practice to pack up and donate all of my deceased pets belonging to the local shelter. I do this immediately and virtually everything except for the collar and tags. I think I learned this from what my family did when family members died. The idea was that life goes on and we have to keep moving in life. Even though i know that I will eventually get a new furry baby, I believe that each one deserves their own "stuff" their own things chosen out of love for just them. No one of them is replaceable.
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