On wed afternoon my beloved 6 year old jrt heard me speaking to someone at the side door to the house. she was in the front garden with 6ft fencing all around. when the visiter left she somehow got m ixed up thinking it was me going out without her(she never left my side) and she climbed up onto the rabbit hutch and jumped the fence following the car to the 60mph road down the track.
She was in a bad way but my tough little terrier would live she had to right? We left her at the vets where they sqaid they needed to stabalize her with oxygen and a drip as the shock was so bad. At 7pm they called to let me know that after some tests they found her back hock was smashed her toes broken ribs broken and possible damage to her spine as her front legs were not responding to any pain or pressure. They were saying she was stable and once she had a settled night they would begin treating injuries in the morning.
I went to bed worried but possitive i would be seeing my girl tomorrow and thinking of all the ways i would spoil her while she was recovering.
At 11pm they called me to let me know that there was now bad internal bleeding but she had gone downhill with the shock so they were scared to operate. We flew down to the vets to see her and discuss but by the time we got there my ruby was a very sick dog she didnt respond to anyone or anything. they didnt think she could survive a sedative but were willing to try but after discussing all the external damage and the risks of the operation (and by this time knowing that she was now passing blood and lining) we made the horrendous decission to let her go.

I have not slept since then. I see the accident over and over, it doesnt help that it was right outside my house so i cant escape it. I feel so guilty i feel so sick that she was in so much pain and suffered so much. Ruby never left my side she slept with me for 6 years she came out when i rode my horses she was in the passenger seat of the car wherever we went. I cant describe the agony im in the heartbreak is killing me. why ruby why thay exact moment why did she think i had gone out and left her why did she not stop at the road. how can i go on without her. i cant see the light at the end of this
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I am so very sorry, that must have been the most horrendous thing for you to witness. Accidents do happen, and its hard to understand why - its easy for me to say, but you have no need to feel guilty, although I do know that most of us here do feel guilt when we lose our animals.    You very bravely made the decision to take Ruby`s pain away, and she would thank you for that, although right now you won`t think so.  Just take it a day /hour at a time, you will have some tough days ahead, but I promise you it will slowly get better.     We feel so bad when we lose them because we loved them so much,  Ruby had 6 years of happiness with you and in time you will be able to look back and remember those times. 
                                                     Sending you peace and huge hugs,   Jackie
J Taylor
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I am so very to read of your loss of your baby Ruby.  Please don't blame yourself for this.  Neither one of you had any idea this was going to happen.  Ruby just assumed it was you leaving.  I'm sure you had no idea she would jump the fence either.  All of us here are in different stages of grief for our babies.  Some here have lost them to horrible accidents, some to disease. 

Try to remember the good times with your Ruby.  You did the only thing you could do for her considering the circumstances.  Just know she is at peace not, young and healthy again with the rest of our babies.  Sue
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I am so sorry for the loss of Baby Ruby....and please don't blame yourself, i know it is easier said then done, cuz i too went thru the guilt/blame phase for a while too....and this was an accident, you did not intentially cause this to happen.   I lost two of my dogs last year to cancer, aggressive cancer and always held out for "hope"...then it was too late, they both stopped eating.

I truly beleive our pets are so strong, they have no worries, they just live life, even when my pets were dying from cancer, they always had their tails wagging and seemed so happy, they are strong and I sometimes think they don't feel the pain that we may think they do. But when a dog stops eating...they have to eat to live, that is when i know i had to do something, and when their health declines, you have choices to make. I still see my dogs Munki and Daizy as warriors, being strong and relying on me to care for them. And that is what you did for your Ruby, by his side for the last couple of days, loving him and doing the best for HIM....yes, we all want our pets to live long lives, it just seems that pets lives go by so quickly. Please know you did all that you could for your Ruby who is in a peaceful, fun loving place now, still watching over you


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So sorry for the loss of Ruby!  Please don't blame yourself.  You did everything you could!  I lost my dog Cookie two weeks ago.  Very heartbreaking and traumatic.  Luckily I found this forum and found I was not alone.  I encourage you to cry and talk to Ruby every day. I also encourage you to come back to this forum to read the posts and possibly respond to others.  I find it quite helpful with the grieving process.  Thinking of you and praying for you!

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It has been 5 months since i lost the most wonderful cockapoo..CODY.. i miss him every minute of every day.. to all of us out there, we must talk about the good times and remember... remember, to laugh, and think about the funny things our pets did , the joy they brought to us everyday.  That measures the life of our pets not the end of them... my son said to me..." he had the best life a dog can because of you ma". he was loved everyday by 5 family members and he felt that love day in and day out.. I still cry, but the cry sometimes now leadS to laughter when i speak of his personality.


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Hi Roobag, ((((((((hugs))))))))) I can imagine the pain of this. I'm so sorry for your loss of Ruby. This was a tragic accident, please don't blame yourself. There is nothing to do but grieve now. Please be careful and take good care of yourself. 
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Dear rubys mum. I am so sorry. Reading your story i really feel your pain.its not an easy road .we are all on here to helo each other. Im 3 weeks and still a mess.
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Virtual hugs to you. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can only trust everyone else here when they say it gets better because so far I am also feeling as you are. I think it helps to be around folks that know what we are going through though so I am glad there is a place we can share our grief with. 
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Roobag, I am genuinely sorry for your experience. Traumatic to say the very least. There's really nothing I can say right now that will take your pain away. But for later, know that there are experiences in life we have no control over. As awful as they are. Ruby lived in the moment, she had no idea what her future held this past Wednesday. Nor did you. With time, that visual embedded in your mind will fade a little. May never go away, but it will ease up in it's presence. In her end, you gave her the gift of freeing her from her suffering. I wish you eventual healing. I am very sorry, my heart goes out to you.
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