My brother lost his best friend today.  Ruben, his standard poodle, died this morning.  Even though my brother is over 50, Ruben was the only pet that my brother has ever owned.  He has always had allergies and asthma and he could never have a pet.  Eventually, he wanted a dog so badly that he was willing to make some personal sacrifices.  It was well worth it for him and the rest of his family. 
Ruben became my brother's best friend.  They played together, took long walks together, and thoroughly enjoyed their time together.  Ruben was a very special dog.  He was kind and loving and a great comfort when my brother was stressed out.
My brother hasn't really lost anyone close to him before and I know that he is having difficulty dealing with his immense grief at his loss.  I recommended the Rainbow Bridge site to him, but I don't know if he'll visit.
I certainly hope that he does.
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Oh, Kjodi ~

Your brother and his family are in my thoughts and prayers,  I'm so glad to know that in spite of his allergies, they were able to share Ruben's life with him.  What a blessing for everyone involved!  I have no doubt that your brother quickly learned that we never really "own" pets.  We become the caretakers or guardians of our best friends.

Please tell your brother that he is welcome here (of course!), and that we all understand the depth of his sorrow now.  I have known a few Standard poodles, and they are a remarkable breed.  Then again, all dogs are remarkable, aren't they? ;-)

Thank you for posting about Ruben.

My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

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Kjodi..what a thoughtful and special sister you are to be thinking of your brother at a time like this.  I am blessed to have pet lovers in my family so when I lost my best friend of 15 yrs on Feb 3, 2010 they understood how devastated I was.  Jake was there when my only child left home.....when I separated from my husband....and I would have had a MUCH more difficult time had he not been there.  He was my special guy and I miss him so much.  I hope your brother will visit this site and see that he is not alone in how he feels.  We all heal in our own time....I have more good days than not now thanks in part to adopting a new boy Fritz.  Same breed...same age as when I adopted Jake only different color..different ears.  I think Jake would have wanted me to give another dog a loving home too...
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yes I agree, you are a lovely person to think of your brother. He must be devastated and it is wonderful to think that you understand the enormity of his loss. Poodles are wonderful doggies, so full of life and soft and cuddly. My thoughts are with your brother xxx  

Mia Jessie aged: 11 years. Always our puppy girl xxxxxx
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I, too, am over 50. When one of my beloved pets dies, I try to be adult about it. I tell myself that, after all, animals do live a much shorter life than we do, and, and, and then I dissolve in tears and go on a major crying jag. We grieve our loss because this was a living, loving, being who would walk us to the door for one last pat before we leave for work; we grieve because this pet would run to the door to excitedly greet us as soon as they hear our footsteps; we grieve because they make us laugh at their little quirks; because they play with us; because they listen to us; because they do not judge us; because they don't care if we gain weight; because they love when we sing silly songs to them; because they totally agree with our political and religious ideals; because they don't care if we screw up royally at work, because, in their eyes, we can do nothing wrong; because when we go to bed, they can choose to sleep anywhere in the house, but they choose to be on the bed with us; because they just sit with us and let us pet them until we're feeling better; because they truly love us unconditionally.  And, that's why we love them back.  And, now that's gone. So, it's perfectly all right to go through the grieving process.  Our comfort is in knowing that we made this wonderful pet feel loved and protected, and we did our very best for him.

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