I lost my Cavalier, Rosie last night.
It was awful... she choked on a piece of meat. I’m a nurse and I tried everything I knew, including doggy Heimlich, but I couldn’t save her.
The vet tried a tracheotomy and resuscitation but it was too late.
She was so distressed and she must have been so frightened.
I know I’m still in shock but I think the trauma will stay with me until the day I die.
Rest in Peace my dear Rosie, I do hope there’s a Rainbow Bridge and that you’re reunited with your sister, Holly, who passed last year.
Rosie is the one on the left of the picture
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Hi Sharon, 

I am so, so sorry for your loss of precious Rosie. I'm sorry, too, for the traumatic way she lost her life. It sounds devastating and must be an awful shock. 

You've come to a good place, where everyone understands the grief and sadness. I hope connecting here will be a real help on your journey. 

What a beautiful girl--just gorgeous! My heart goes out to you very much and I dearly wish the outcome had been different. 

Be extra good to yourself while your grief is so raw. Hugs to you!
-Missing Marissa deeply
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I am very sorry for your loss of sweet Rosie and the trauma you both experienced. Rosie and the other two dogs are beautiful and look very serious and attentive. I'm sure they're sweeties.

I hope in time good memories help ease the pain of losing Rosie. There are many compassionate and understanding people here. It can help, if you feel like it, to post stories, feelings and pictures of your sweet Rosie.

My condolences,
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So sorry to hear about beautiful Rosie, but also beautiful Hollie too. My heart goes out to you & we are all here to listen.

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