I am grieving heavily from the euthanasia of my cat, Rocky. Rocky was only a year and 6 months old and it makes me incredibly sad and bitter that he was taken away from me again.

Before, my father-in-law wanted my fiance and I to get rid of Rocky, so we went 3/4 months without him while he stayed with his former foster mother.

After enough begging, my fiance and I got Rocky back in late July.

The past 2 weeks have been hard for me. Rocky had begun to cough hard, which sounded like he was trying to get rid of a hairball. Not feeling comfortable, as he wasn't getting any better after a week of him doing this, we brought him to the vet. She did x-rays and then told us he had fluid in his chest.

They drained some of it and then sent it in for testing. The next day it came back positive for lymphoma.

After researching the web for hours, sobbing as I read that lymphoma was fatal... My fiance and I decided to go the quality of life route. We would not do any treatment and then one week later, we euthanized him.

I wish that it could get easier. That I could see Rocky again. He was my ESA and my baby boy. I loved that cat and would give him my left kidney... I just wish that I could have given him a long life. I hate how he was taken away from me again, but this time it is permanent.

I've been sleeping horribly and dealing with nausea ever since. We are getting another kitten and it has given me a purpose again. I made Rocky a shadow box, I will name my cafe after him, and I plan on getting a tattoo of him on my arm. I do not want to forget him and I want to be with him always.

Tl;dr: My cat Rocky was diagnosed with cancer and we euthanized him Sunday. I am still grieving and it makes me feel sick.
Young Balboa, Rocky (11/17/19)
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Your loss of beautiful, little Rocky is tragic. He was so young, and it is simply unfair and heartbreaking, I know. Although there are no adequate words to bring comfort as I am in heavy grief as well, try to rest in the assurance of how important our precious pets are to God who created them. If He sees every little sparrow that passes, we KNOW He saw your little Rocky and will keep him in His divine care until you are reunited again one day. As my eight year old daughter says about my beloved cat son, Leo, “He’s not gone, he just moved out for a while.” Rocky moved into Heaven for now, but you won’t be separated forever, my friend. One day, all of our many tears will be eternally wiped away and replaced with sheer happiness as we snuggle once again with all of our treasured pet families. You are in my prayers.
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