I woke up this morning and Robert is not here. The crushing pain and yawning void are here.How can emptiness be so loud?I have rescued over 100cats, fostered dozens of kittens, lost 3 beloved cats to cancer at 17,18 and20,but nothing prepared me for Robert. He came into my life, threw my world over his shoulder and made it his. He sa g to my Terrible Torby(she melted),he convinced 4 yr old Bizzy she was akitten, bringing me the joyous sound of galloping cat feet as they raced up and down the hall.He chin checked me every morning,tosay"I love you".He was my spark, my light, my soul.And now, at one yr old, he is gone.I held him in my arms as he passed.Two nights later he came to me, not understanding. I had to send him on his way, knowing it would be my last contact with him.GONE.FOREVER.Many of you write such eloque nt,though sad stories about your beloved s and your loss--i wish I could better articulate the magic of Robert the Bruce. angel made flesh.
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What a beautiful boy. I'm very sorry for the loss of what sounds like your soul mate. I find your writing wonderfully poetic and quite descriptive. Write as much as you want to and need to. There are many people here to help you get through this process that feels like a big black tunnel with no light.
I am sending you strength and light for today

Mom to Millie, Roman, Snoopy & step sister to O'Boy
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I can see from the light in his eyes in his photo, that he was a special spirit!
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