Ripley always came first in everything. She was foremost in my mind. I worried about her from day one. She became a part of me. Whatever I had to do, I always considered first what Ripley needed or how something might effect her. I was in tune to her every need. I was hyper-vigilant every day for 14.4 years. It was a natural state of mind for me. If I had to go out to do something, I was always in a hurry to get back to her. Then our reunion was like we hadn't seen each other for days. Even if I only went to the grocery store. She had the best little smile and her eyes were the best ... big, brown eyes that looked right into my soul. My heart is shattered and I have cried every day since you passed away. Sometimes it's too hard to use the D word. I wish we could go back to before you passed away so I could hold you again or try to change the day yet to come. I tried to provide you with everything you needed and even cooked your food from a special recipe. I don't think I missed a thing. Except that last day. I was so scared ... some days I'm still scared at the thought of you being gone forever. Those are the hardest days ... when I wish I could be with you. I love you Ripley. I may end my days as an old woman in a nursing home bed but my thoughts and dreams will be with you. May I pass away with a smile on my face knowing we will soon be together.  [I'm just talking to Ripley to let steam off this pressure cooker heart of mine.] xoxo "You made me so very happy."

"RIPLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... come home.

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Ripley 14: You touched my heart...your words express exactly how me & Taco were. Thank you for sharing that with all of us. Thank-you, thank-you. My heart bleeds for you.
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Thank you for writing back. You're all such good people here.
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Ripley14, your words about ending up in a nursing home and knowing you and Ripley will soon be reunited have just brought a tear to my eye.  I feel exactly the same way about my dog Jim who we lost almost 8 weeks ago.  I am 54, but I know I will love and miss Jim until the day I go to join him.
  Some dogs just have a way of getting inside our hearts - I have had other dogs who I loved to bits - but for a lot of people, there`s always that one very special dog.

 I just wish we could go back in time, and have them back again - forever young.

                             Hugs, Jackie. xx


J Taylor
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Ripley 14,
 just like you my gemma came first and foremost for 15 years of my life , i didn't do anything without thinking of if gemma can't come with me who can i get to look after her. Luckily she was such a darling it was always a question of who to say no to.

I have seen myself having a tin of soup and gemma eating a steak ,put a girlfriend out of bed as gemma slept in the bed and i slept with her . In the worst weather in winter with the temp below freezing rain and wind howling early ours of the morning if she wanted to go out i was out .

Like you even after all that i would give anything just to have even that last night to tell her just once more how much i was proud of her and how much i loved her . Just to hold her once more and bury my face into her fur and inhale her smell .
Gemma's Daddy
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Ripley 14~ I came back & re-read your post. You, like many others here, express exactly how I feel. Lucy always came first. Some days I look @ so many pictures of her & other days I cannot even bear to look. The other day when I was looking @ tons of snow pictures...Lucy loved galloping into the snow even if she was buried for a few secs...I found a video I had forgotten about. 'Twas when I first got a phone that could take videos. Was like finding the best present in my whole life. So my hope for everyone here is to find something like the video, or other 'momentos' or treasures of your best bud. While I cannot watch the short video every day...I know it's there. And for a little while, I could smile.  Hugs, Kasey
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