"One must have been loved greatly to be grieved so intensely."

I believe that Ripley would not go if she had a choice. She was so happy here with me. My heart is shattered. I find myself looking for her around every corner. She always slept on my pillow at night. She was so cute the way she woke up. She would stretch and make this little squeek that made me smile. I would pretend to be asleep while she started sniffing around my head. If that didn't work, she would reach out over the pillows and start digging on my head. It was so funny I would laugh and then it was over! She would jump out of her little "nest" and off we would go. I miss that ritual. I still have her pillowcase on her pillow the way she left it. There is a tiny foot print and a nose print on it and I cannot part with it. Her bed is just the way she left it. Ripley w:her pillow.jpg 

I will never recover from this loss. I have had many animals come and go in my life and both parents have passed away. It may sound crazy but Ripley is by far the worst loss ever. I understand all of you in this forum that have said similar things. It's ok here to say it out loud. 

I don't know how to exist without Ripley. She was my heart and my soul.

I will always love you, baby girl. xoxo 

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Nothing you said sounds crazy.  Someone on this site said that there are "once in a lifetime" pets and I KNOW my Molly was that for me, as Ripley was for you.  I too have had pets all my life, but NONE like Molly so you see, I do understand and do not think you are the least bit crazy.

Hope this site will give you some comfort and peace, but it doesn't come quickly enough.
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Know that you are not alone.  I feel the same way about my Katy Lou.
Katy Lou, you will forever be in my heart.  Until we meet again.  Daddy loves and misses you so much.  You are daddys daughter.
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You are not alone, there are fantastic people on this forum who feel just as you do now, who truly understand the way we grieve for our beloved pets.  I also have had other dogs but when I lost Jim almost 7 weeks ago I thought I was going mad with grief for him - he was my special `Once in a Lifetime` dog just as Ripley is for you.  Your baby is still with you, albeit in a different way -  I know Jim is still with us, I feel him around the house , although I`ve accepted his physical self is no longer here, a part of him remains with us. 
             Sending you big hugs xx

J Taylor
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So so sorry to hear about your precious Ripley. I lost my dog yesterday unexpectedly and I never thought it could hurt so bad. Her absence is so very painful.
I too have lost many animals and parents, but the pain I feel.from losing my Skylar has been so much worse. are not alone!
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Ripley14: If they could only live forever! I am so sorry for your deep loss of your sweet girl. I totally understand the feeling of the biggest loss ever, because I feel exactly the same about the loss of my girl Stella 4 wks ago. I wish I could heal your broken heart because I know the hurt, grief, and pain. We all can lean on the kindness of others moving through this grief on this forum and I have felt comfort from other animal parents who love their babies as deeply as I do. Peace and Love.

Stella's mom  ((hugs))
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