about two weeks ago my dear sweet Ziggy was hit and killed by a car on the highway by a car. we had just gotten home from a long car trip and she is usually good about coming inside from the car so I didn't bother with the leash. That night she didn't obey and took off.

I'm haunted because I found her. I was standing on my porch calling her to come home and I heard a sickening noise on the road. I found her and she was curled up in a ball, cold and limp. I screamed by the side of the road for what felt like an eternity trying to will her back to life. The driver hadn't stopped but a very kind woman did and helped me get ziggy into my car (and get my hysterical self off the side of the road in the dark).

my other dog Humphrey had been with her and was hit also. He came home about 12 hours later with very minor injuries. thankfully he is doing well but that was the loneliest scariest night of my life.

I've lost two other dogs in the past couple of years from illness and "nothing more I can do" so they had to be put down. Those losses were tragic and heartbreaking on their own but I was comforted by ending their suffering, looking back at a happy life etc.

There was just no good reason ziggy had to die. she had just turned 4 and was the happiest dog there ever was. never met a stranger or a dog she couldn't befriend. I know it's not my "fault" and was an accident...but if I had just put on a leash for 2 seconds and made her come inside shed still be alive. I miss her so so much but it's more than that. I was supposed to protect her and I didn't.

friends and family have been supportive but I'm not going to call anyone at 3am to cry about my dog. I just can't sleep and needed to reach out somewhere. thank you to everyone who read this story.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Ziggy. She looks like she has the most gentle, kind soul. I lost my Lucy in an accident that was "my fault" too. Emotionally we feel we should've done something different but it's not possible for us to foresee every threat and prevent every accident. You would never intentionally let anything bad happen to Ziggy. I'm glad you found this forum because everyone here understands how hard it is to lose a fur baby. Please write more about Ziggy if you feel up to it. She is in a good place now, totally restored and completely content. She has new friends now, and they are all waiting for us. Look for signs. Hope you got some sleep last night. I'm so sorry this happened.
~ Leah
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Im a lab lover and I know I would of just eaten Ziggy up. So cute! I'm sorry you had to experience something so terrible. There's no easy way to say goodbye but I'm sure tragedy makes it a lit more difficult to swallow.
Here's a pic of Lucy all dressed up like Ziggy :)
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