I wasn't in the market for a baby kitten 19 years ago, but a little Calico girl was in the market for me.

RIP Sienna
3/2001 - 8/07/2020

P.S.  To Annie, Emilee and Lara (aka Kitty Kitty) who proceeded her over the Rainbow Bridge, please find her. She might need help as she went blind over a year ago.
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Dear PeppermintPatty,

I am very saddened and sorry to read of your recent loss of your beloved "Sienna." I am grateful however that your paths crossed with your little girl and that she lived such a long life in the company and care of such a loving and compassionate individual such as yourself.

Thank you sharing that gorgeous photo of her. She was certainly a beautiful and unique looking cat!

If what has been written when it comes to there being an afterlife is true, your beloved's eyesight has now been fully restored and she is playing with your Annie and Emilee. : )   If that is not true, as you well know it is still a blessing that for so many years you had the companionship of your enchanting little girl.

Try and hold on to that wonderful vision above, of what is occuring right now over the Rainbow Bridge, and if you can't do so, please hold onto the memories of the time that you were allotted together with "Sienna" and be grateful for them. All cats and all humans should be so blessed.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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Such a sweet girl...and what a lovely long life you had with her.

Love Ellen
Ellen Hague
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Hi Annie, I wasnt in the market for a kitten 16 years ago either but my kitten chose me and my husband.  Hubby was trying to get another kitten but Ginger kept coming back to him and the other one ran away! From that moment on Ginger got all of us, and I'm sure Sienna got all of you too. Hugs 💕
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