Two nights ago my chocolate 15.5 year old lab lost her ability to use the hind left leg and therefore couldnt get up to get food, water or go to the toilet. We done as much as we could for as she lay on the kitchen floor on her favourite piece of vetbed. She was so content.

The next day came and we thought she was getting better as she could walk with support of a towel or someones hand and would go to the toilet while she was supported. As the day flew by and the night approached i lay out in the garage with her, stroking her head when she would grab my hand with her paw and pull it close to her. Looking into her eyes i could see how much pain she was in i couldnt bare to see the baby i had grown up with my whole life suffer like this. The struggle she went threw when she went to the toilet cause she couldnt hold it in any longer and how disgusted she was that she tried to flop away from it like a seal.

Charlie was a strong girl she made it threw getting hit by a car, getting her womb removed, getting a wart on her eye removed, she had teeth infections which resulted in more operations on them and also suffered from vestibular disease which she recovered from. She just wasnt ready to go anywhere and its a same her body just wasnt the same as her heart and mind

While the whole family sat around her and cleaned her up we couldnt bare to see her like this. This is when we had to make the hard decision of letting her go to a better place.

Lying her on the vet table while she cried was so unbearable. No matter how much it hurt i was with her threw thick and thin and wasnt for leaving her now. When the vet said "thats her shes gone, she may take the odd breath but she is gone her heart has stopped" was the moment my world stopped. Having to watch my wee sister be pried from her dead body and watch her being carried to the car in tears was so devastating. I didnt want to leave her i just wanted her to come back home like any other time she had from the vet. Why couldnt she have made it like all the other times i kept telling myself and although i do feel so lost without her. I hope shes living in a better place now and that her body fits the heart and mind she actually has
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So sorry for your loss of Charlie, a long time companion.  Many people on this site know the heartache of loosing a long time companion and we truly understand how sad you can be where others who do not have pets may not understand your loss.  We too lost our long time Chihuahua of 16 years a few weeks ago, similar situation as Charlie.  Our Chihuahua was stricken with Vestibular disease just before Thanksgiving.  We were devastated but found that he would recover to some extent.  We were so proud of him struggling to get back on his feet and walked like he had a little drunk.  Then on December 4th, hind quarters problem the prognosis was not good as he was in pain.  We too were there when the vet softly said he was gone.  Still tear to this day when I think about him.

All I can add is that as time goes on you will always have a piece of your heart missing but the anguish you feel today will diminish.  We too think back why our Chihuahua "Vegas" could not just be around for a few more years, why this time?  It was his time and we will always cherish the time as you will with Charlie.  As I stated, time will pass and it will be easier but you will remember.

Wishing you the best through your journey and that in time, you will shed a tear of joy through the happiness you shared together.
John & Renee
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