Today we decided to let our Buddy go, he was a 10 year old English lab, and just one of those dogs that seem to really be more than just a dog.  He started limping about 2 months ago, vet thought just arthritis, but the drugs weren't giving him any relief, and just about 3 weeks ago he began not eating, and couldn't make his back legs work.  Our vet suggested it was probably a degenerative neopathy that couldn't be treated. Losing him today seems harder since although i could see he was in distress, he was still trying so hard to do what made us happy.  I can honestly say that my heart physically hurts to have to had to let him go.  Do the rest of you second guess your decisions?

Lynn Thompson
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So sorry for your loss. I second guess my decision to put our puppy down last week, but deep down inside I know I did the right thing because he was in a lot of pain and couldn't be helped. It would've been more cruel (to me) to keep him alive and have him suffer just so we could have another day with him. Try not to beat yourself up about it. You made the humane decision. Your furbaby is no longer in pain. Stay strong and big hugs to you and your family.
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I'm sorry for your loss and can relate to how you are feeling. It is really common to second guess your decision after euthanasia from what I have read here and experienced myself. Some days I am fine and know I did the right thing to keep my baby from further suffering, the next I feel such guilt and feel like I gave up too soon and I get sick inside. It was my job to take care of my baby and spare him from unnecessary pain and suffering, that was where my choice came from. I had his best interests at heart, not mine. If it were mine, he'd still be here. But that would most likely have meant him suffering and in pain declining and dying a painful death. In the end quality of life is more important than quantity. We'd all love both of course, but that can't always be.

Big hugs to you.
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I'm sorry for your losses. I agree that we can't keep our pets alive for selfish
I think Animals will push themselves to make us happy. Despite how the feel they will continue to push to please us because they love us.
I saw this with my William. He fell down the stairs. We tried pain meds. I could see they weren't working. But despite that he would still try and get out for his walks. Even though he would just stand after being carried. After lab work showed we were also looking at a disease process that would only continue to spiral downward we made our decision.
Yes he was eating and drinking. But, just those two things don't equal quality of life.

I have finally come to terms with that decision. It will be two months on July 20 since William passed. I know I did what was right for him. As hard as it was for me, I gave him death with dignity.
There is such a huge release of pain and stress when you reach the point where you can say I did the right thing. You will reach that point because you loved your baby.
The grief will go on but closing that chapter in this journey helps your heart.
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