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Wilco  I have the same problem it seems.  I have 2 grown daughters, with their own families.  They don't seem to really care less about my Winston.  My youngest is not an animal lover by any means.  Sometimes i wonder if she even likes me!!  My other daughter was there for me for a while, but got fed up with my crying and mourning.

I feel Winston is not getting the respect he deserved either.  I am alone in this, except for all you great folks here. It has been 2 months today my Winston left.  I thought i was ok.  But out of the blue I start remembering and crying. I have to focus on the facts more than my guilt.  I'm trying, but its so damn hard.  I love you Winston and My Max  Mommy  XOXOXO
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For those of you who take the time to respond, I appreciate it and try my best to respond to each of you individually. However, with the multiple responses here, just let me say this....

Thank you all for the kind words, support, stories and everything else you can offer. I appreciate it more than you can imagine. As for the short term, I will simply take it day by day and continue my struggle with you. It's nice to have others to "lean on" as we are all in this together. 

Thanks a million.   :-)
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I'm so sorry for your loss of your Ruby and your pain. I have been through this pain many x and I can tell you there is no magic formula. Each time is different with each relationship. We either make the decision to eventually love again or we decide we can't bear the pain of losing another. Right now I feel it would be disrespectful to Wiz to love another, but I know HE would not want me to live without love and support. He loved me more than anything in the world. I'm sure Ruby feels the same, she doesn't want you to be unhappy. And if you had passed she would grief very deeply but she would still enjoy her life I'm sure and share her love with others. 

When I was 16 my beloved Mitzi, beagle girlie pie who I used to sleep with on a basket chair with when I was 3 years old and who was my first soul mate and life long best friend and confidante passed. I cried for months on an off. So not all teenagers are uncaring or immune to grief. In fact I think everyone of every age deals with grief in their own way. Sometimes it is too painful and people shut off to it. For a long time I shut myself off to memories of Mitzi I think because it was too painful but when I was a young adult, I found that kind of love again with Tess, a little tortie cat, she taught me to love again deeply. Recently I have had crystal sculptures made of my babies and had one made of me and my brother at the beach with Mitzi when I was 3 years old. 

I find myself feeling that numbness with wiz leaving me but it's not an indifference by any means. I certainly feel the grief harder than the rest of my family to the point that I conceal it from them at times because I don't want to upset them. I know they know how much I'm suffering and I know they miss and love Wiz a great deal too. Maybe try talking to your children and explain your feelings to them, at least they will have some idea of what you're going through. Take care and hugs to you.
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So sorry for your loss, and for having to deal with it without support of family. My wife and I were both devoted to our boys for the entire 12 years they were with us, and while both of us were devastated at their loss, I think I have the hardest time dealing with it.
You're right - they just know how we're feeling and what we need.

When your time comes, Ruby will be there with a wagging tail and plenty of love!

Blessed to have friends like
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