My sweet Remmie, I haven't been back here for days sweet boy. I am so sorry, but I have been trying to be brave. I was just telling myself that everything is ok, but little man, mama is not ok.
I so much wish you were here to hug and get hugs back from you. Remmie ma is in trouble. My best friend of 51 years informed me that she is dying! Oh God Remmie, not trying to  make less of your death, but this is so monumental in my life that it makes your death look like a piece of cake.
First Uncle Dave died, and he was like a father to me, the father I always wanted, and now he's gone Remmie.
Then came your death on the heels of his death. I thought for sure that things couldn't possibly get worse, but now they have. Oh God Remmie, I so miss cuddling with you on the couch. Even though you were big, it made me feel like a cozy blanket was spread out over me.
But now,..this. Oh God Remmie mama has to be brave once more and I honestly don't have a clue how to bury my best friend.The tears are endless little boy, and the grief is unbearable. Soon she will be gone and I don't know what to do with that Rem!We grew up together, we had our babies together. I even did hospice when her son died. It was like burying my own son. but now Remmie , mama has run out of gas. I running on empty Remmie and am squirming under the load. 
Her home is full of abuse so mama is bringing her here to your home to die in peace. I know I did hospice for a living. I know how to DO  hospice, but what I don't know is HOW  to  do is to watch my best friend die Remmie.

Oh please, ...Jesus take the wheel.
Jesus take the wheel.
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Oh no, such sad news. :( I don't understand why these things have to happen to the best people and our pets while it seems like some of the worst people go through life unscathed and have long lives. I'm so sorry about your uncle, pet and best friend. I also have an uncle who has been like my father who probably doesn't have much longer. I am dreading the day when I get the news. I wish you peace and comfort in the days ahead. Your friend is lucky to have you. Hugs. 
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Remmie's mama,

My heart breaks for you.  You have been through so much pain.  The loss of your uncle, your sweet Remmie and now your best "human" friend.  Sometimes, the pain is so great and overwhelming, but please know that you are not alone.  My prayers will be with you, as you help and be by your best friend side.  Life is filled with love and pain, life is hard.  Remmie's spirit is with you - I really believe this.  Sending you hugs and prayers.
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