Hello to you all and hoping we can all find some piece of mind thru such sadness.

I was just deleting some text messages from a few months back when I came to the last text reminder from my vets -- the reminder for my sweet girls last ever vet visit - a text on October 7th.
This was her last ever visit - we picked up potassium tablets and I thought they would fix her just like her thyroid pills kept her well for 2 years.

My heart went cold and I couldn't breath when I saw this text. How silly really, I cannot delete it. She passed on just 5 days later Oct 12th.

I cannot delete the text from my vets.
Just like I keep all the vet receipts

Bless you all xx
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I can relate to your feelings. I still have all the rabies vaccination tags and vet receipts. In my heart, she will always be alive.


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You are not alone in this.. I have even saved voice messages from a year or two ago from the vet , telling me my boys blood work , values ( thyroid) were up but otherwise okay not to worry etc , we can adjust the meds.. I don't know why I just don't delete them
But they were left when my boy was still alive and had hope...

We cling to these scraps as tangible proof I think...

Hugs to you

Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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i have gemma's vaccination card with all her jags she got her entire life. Also the receipts for her final visit to the vet to put her to sleep and also for her cremation.

I wiped all the pics i took of her at the crematorium as they caused me to much pain , everything else of hers i got rid of but still find the odd reminder that always bring tears to my eyes
Gemma's Daddy
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hi Nikola, i know how you feel....hold onto the text, it means something.

I lost my Munki on 12/3 and i am holding onto the 3 dialed phone calls I made, one to work, one to my mom, and one to my bf....alll knowing that within a few hours I would be setting my baby free. I save these phone calls, cuz they have a day and time stamp on them....prior to my baby passing. I too, am not deleting these.

Please know you are not alone, hold onto anything you have that saves the memory of your beloved pet.



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It's fine to keep everything you want. I even have some of the empty boxes from Front Line. I have all of his rabies tags too. I saved last letters from friends I have lost the same way. I still have my baby's collar with all of his things on it under my pillow. We are all here for you.
Much love.
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I agree, you must keep anything you feel strongly about. You are free to do whatever you need to do.

I still have my girl's dog leash and collar hanging up in the same place we always hung it up. I still have a towel with muddy footprints on it. I NEVER want that washed!

I still keep her furry downstairs-bed right behind me where I sit in the evenings.

Someone visited me Christmas Eve, and remarked on the 5 pictures of her I have around my little living room. They have been there since a few days after she passed, and I have no intention of moving them, at least not yet. I didn't mind what that person thought. They can judge me if they like.

Little traces of them, when they were still here on Earth with us -like the vet bills, phone texts, etc. They are all valuable to our hearts.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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It's painful either way - keeping everything or not.  
I won't clean the windows on one of our doors because of some nose prints.
My wife won't do the same on the back window of her car.
The rear seat of my car still has doggy hairs.
I can't look at the final vet's bill - if I wish it didn't exist, perhaps we could have him back

But looking at pictures hurts, as does visiting places we went to barely months ago (we homed a little girl greyhound a week ago) as it's a strong reminder of life and happy times.

If you choose to have another pet, then sharing some of the toys and belongings can help - we have a Kong toy that we fill with treats and peanut butter that was never a favourite toy, and we decided to let our new girl sleep on the bean bag and share a favourite cushion, as there were several beds around the house that buying everything new would be impractical.
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Oh a big big thank you to you all who have replied.
I can't answer individually tonight as it's so late and I feel so exhausted (I'm a David Bowie fan).
Cried too much. I think I've held tears in too much.
It's exactly 3 months tonight since our last night together, she passed at 8.15am 12 October.

Thanku for all you have written. It's comforting to read. I have a big folder with so many things in and now I've joined them with her sweet sisters things which I've had for nearly 6 years.

God bless you xxxxxx
Love Niki xxx
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