Since the death of my standard poodle Chloe I've been unable to stop thinking about all my beloved dogs that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

I would like to get some kind of remembrance jewelry so that I can carry their names  with me all the time (not that I'd ever forget any of them).

I've been looking for some sort of bracelet or necklace that might have engraveable links (sort of like an ID bracelet with multiple nameplates). Or if not that then some sort of charm bracelet with each name on a small charm.

Does anyone know of anything like that? I've seen alot of items that include the some of the dog's ashes but I don't want that as I don't have ashes for   the dogs of my youth.

Came across the Remember Me bracelets - made with an ID tag from a euthanized pet in a shelter. I was thinking of getting one but everytime I think about those poor homeless animals I tear up.
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