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Hi MJ,

Just sending Christmas thoughts and wishes for a Charlie, Bailey filled day.  May you feel your Bails angel hovering nearby throughout the holidays - making sure Charlie's unwrapping 'skills' are up to par, and just being close to his special Mom.

May your heart be filled with puppy love always - and may your dreams be filled with puppy visits!

Many hugs

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Happy Champagne Birthday sweet Bailey! 🥂 Wow! You are 20 years old today!!! 🎉
I hope you enjoy the most delicious birthday cake Bails! 🎂 Do you remember how I always shared some little bites of my birthday cake with you?  It made us both so happy!  Just one of those little memories that special occasions like today bring to mind!

Enjoy your special birthday Sugarbear!  Run and play and have fun with all of your Bridge friends and please know that you are remembered not just today but every day!  Your little brother Charlie sends his best wishes and Daddy and I will definitely be popping some champagne later to toast to you: our beautiful amber eyed little lion dog!  

Love you always Bailey! ❤️ xoxo
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Hi MJ,

I would like to wish the happiest of birthdays to your beautiful Bailey at the bridge. I am sure that he is running like the wind with all of his friends, but I know that he is missing his very special mom. Please forgive me for missing your post about his 4 year Angelversary. I cannot believe that it is four years already since he crossed over and found his light. He is such a sweet and special little guy, and every single time I see his picture, it just warms my heart. I know how much you miss your sweet little one, but how wonderful to know that he is so loved on this forum, and so his story continues on. The sweet memories you have of him will surely light your path and guide your way so you will always be able to find your way back to each other.You have helped so many on this site with your compassionate and understanding words, and I for one am beyond grateful for the strength and comfort you and your sweet little doggie have brought to my life. Your love for your special Bailey shines right through all of your words, like a much needed radiant sunbeam breaking through the clouds on a stormy day. What a true beacon of light you and your sweet baby are for us all, like a little lighthouse shining in the midst of the darkness, helping us all find our way to hope and healing. Sending lots of love across the sky and over the rainbow to your special little one on this very special day. Happy Birthday Bailey, you are so loved!  

Pamela Lynne Crawford
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Happy 20th Birthday Bailey !!!
Enjoy your special day playing and running with all your friends, be sure to share your cake with everyone and don't forget to get your birthday hugs and kisses from our little girl.
Take some time today to send a message of love to your wonderful Mom and Dad, fill their hearts with your soft hugs that they know can only come from you.
Have a fun day handsome boy.
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Hi MJ, sending warmth, love and peace on this day, I will join you in raising a glass (Lion Champagne of course) to your adorable Lion-Hearted Bailey, cheers to Bailey and to his wonderful Mom & Dad.
Give my best wishes to your husband, and always big belly rubs from me for Charlie, I'm sure some extra ones from Bailey too.

Your friend always, Don
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Hi MJ,  just popping by to wish beautiful Bailey a wonderful 20th birthday!  I am sure there is a huge party going on over the Bridge, including lots of games and tasty treats galore - and of course, a very special cake for your little lion dog.    May you feel Bailey close by today - and I will be toasting both our boys later this evening! 

                                                                                   Big hugs,  your English Sis Jackie xx
J Taylor
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Oh my goodness - 20!  May your day be filled with adventures of canine proportions; of those special pup cakes filled with good tastes; treats galore; chases; races and of course filled with all your new friends.  May you always feel the love of your Mom and Dad and of your brother Charlie and may you find each day filled with 'sugar kisses and wishes from Mom for the one and only 'SugarBear' and 'lion-hearted'.
MJ - may you feel the love and presence of your sweet Bails - May you 'hear' the yowls and howls of celebration and may your dreams be filled with visits from your loyal Bails always.  A big toast to Bailey will be the order of the evening today for sure - and may all the 'gang' join in making all the stars glow just a bit more brilliantly!
Many hugs
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The Big 20! Quite a celebration going on today! You’re such a sweet little one and you deserve to enjoy this special birthday! Happiest of birthdays to you Bailey!

MJ, what a lovely tribute to your precious Bailey! It’s so nice for others, including me to see the healing that happens even though the connection between you and your Sugarbear remains so beautiful and strong! Hugs to you and your handsome Bailey!
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Hi MJ ~ I’m so sorry I‘m late to the big celebration for Bailey‘s 20th birthday.  It looks like it was filled with fun and lots of treats for all to enjoy...Bella always makes sure of that!  Molly loves any occasion for special treats 😉  I’m sure he had some time to stop by for a visit to you, he could never miss his snuggle time with his dear Mom and play time with brother Charlie.

Sending you big hugs and warm wishes for lots of signs from Bails so you know he’s always close by.

Your Friends, Dawn, Randy and Molly xxx

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Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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Oh MJ~

I am sorry that I missed Bailey's 20th Champagne Birthday! Old bird here started a post last pm & fell asleep. I love this picture of your 'Lion Man' in profile, in the sun relaxing on the grass. Contentment! It's hard to picture our babies getting older but boy oh boy how great would it be to just be with them right now! Why they don't live longer? But Bailey had tons of love & living in his lifetime & has given you so many wonderful memories & special moments...that he's only a thought away...a thought within your own heart. Bailey is so happy that Charlie has found love thanks to you guys!!!

For now, I hope Bailey stays close even if he has to sometimes leave his new RB doggy friends.They must all love Bailey!!! For sure, he & Lucy have discovered that dogs can be as great as people! I hope that are friends too :-) So keep watching out for those unexpected but oh so appreciated signs & 'pokes'. Still love when I get that feather, or hear a special song-- an older, not often played song on satellite radio. 

Big 'bug hugs' to you & Charlie from Daisy Clover & me,

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Hi MJ, I'm late to the celebration also. Having a tough week back and forth to the doctor but I had to stop by and say that I'm sure it was a wonderful day (every day is) at the rainbow bridge and when a birthday comes along, everyone joins in with a huge 'happy birthday' with love, cookies, ice cream and maybe some romping through the beautiful green meadows filled with the most brilliant flowers imaginable. I know Bailey is so very proud of you and is giving you a special spirit hug on this special day. Blessings to you and Charlie.

ps. I'm sure China was there, she loves ice cream!!!

your friends
Charlie and Deborah
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Hi MJ, sorry for the late posting haven't been coming to the sight as much, but when i checked in today, what thread did i see, it was this one so i have to chime in.

Happy Birthday sweet Bailey, may you have fun with all your friends, running thru the hills and valleys and eating up some good food and getting that much needed sleep at night. May your tail keep on wagging and know this celebration is for you!!! Your Mum and Dad and lil' Charlie love you each and every day as you fill their hearts with so many precious memories and so much love.

Hoping Bailey somehow gives you some beautiful signs also...

your friend, Cam


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Dear MJ, thank you for the wonderful post on China's birthday, I especially loved the cake picture! I just happened to be eating some cake while I read your post, lol, so that worked out great! I hope you are doing well, it is difficult times but we will get through this, our little fur angels will help us I'm sure. It is always so nice to hear from you, you are such a kind and thoughtful person. Don is so helpful with his mega spreadsheet with all the dates and names, he is amazing. Please take care and blessings to your family and especially Charlie (still love that name, lol). I'm sure Bailey, China, Bella, Molly, and all the rest are snoozing with full little bellies. 

your friends, Charlie and Deborah
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Hi MJ,
I just tonight read your beautiful birthday post to your sweet little man, Bailey and I had to reply!
I don’t stop by the forum as much anymore but I wanted to check up on some friends and I wanted you to know how much I loved your birthday post to Bailey!  
A champagne birthday is a very special one indeed and I’m sure Bailey and my Sunny and all their friends had quite a party across the bridge!  A
Happy Belated Birthday little man! ❤️🎂 🎈
MJ, I hope you and your Charlie are doing well despite this difficult time we are facing.
Stay safe!
Your friend, Sharon
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Hi MJ, it is always so wonderful hearing from you, and thank you for the movie recommendation, we watched it last night as well, some pretty good twists in the plot, we enjoyed it.
How is Charlie doing, I bet he brings so much love and laughter to your heart and home, such a precious boy, I can see your handsome Bailey wagging his tail so proudly at his little brother and all the love he has brought to their Mom, I’m sure Bailey whispers the most wonderful puppy secrets to his brother, telling Charlie all the ways to bring smiles to their Mom and Dad’s faces, how sweet and wonderful is that……
Give my best to your husband, let him know he is in my thoughts often. Always my warmest wishes for your heart to feel the light and love of your Lion Hearted Bailey, may his soft paws of hugs always embrace your heart.
Your friend always, Don
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