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(I wanted to make sure this was posted for your sweet Bailey.  We are having a terrible snowstorm this evening and I am afraid tomorrow may see us without internet.)

What words to say to adequately convey the emotions, the memories and the moments shared with your special fur lion-hearted Bailey?  Today, the 10th of November, marks his “Angel-Anniversary’ - his fur wings given 4 years ago, although I think you always knew MJ that your Bailey was already an angel within your life.  While time passes there is no doubt the ache and pain of the physical loss is never diminished and while throughout each day you carry that ache, each day you also carry sweet Bailey.  Those silky bonds wrapped again and again around your hearts and souls are that bond that was forged the day he entered your life, your home and they are never broken nor lost - Do not forget this ever.  When those moments roll in with the strength thunder has before the storm breaks, hang tightly to those golden shimmering threads for this is your forever loyal, loving and protective little ‘Lion-Dog’…Perhaps small in stature but so mighty in character, in spirit and in devotion to his special mom.  Fur paws work ‘miracles’ always - and guardian angel fur paws are the most powerful, mysterious things happen when those fur paws are at work.  There are no coincidences - only the ‘magic’ of a loyal and loving spirit attached to your own. 


I so hope today is filled with Bailey - and he lets you know so clearly he is with you.  May your heart and soul be cradled by the paws of love and may the Rainbow Bridge ‘gang’ howl, growl, yip, meow, and bark happy celebrations at another bell that rings when Bailey caught his wings whisking him off to join in the adventures of his new found friends until you two meet up once again.  Never too busy to check in on mom though and those watchful eyes are upon you as so are those attentive ears picking up even the silent yet so loved sound of your voice.

Thinking of you today especially.

Many many hugs for you MJ and always extra pets for Charlie. 


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Thank you Cody for your beautiful post! Friendships like yours have helped me navigate my way through this sad journey called grief. I hope your power stays on! Many hugs right back to you!!!

Dear Bailey,

How can it be 4 years since you left us? Sometimes I close my eyes and it’s as if you were just here ~ but then, when I open them, it seems an eternity since we had to let you go. On this fourth year Angelversary I can only hope that we made you half as happy as you always made us!

So many beautiful memories Bails! Oh, how you loved the very first toy that I got for you! You stared up at me while you held it in your mouth and just kept squeaking. I could swear you were smiling and you carried it around for hours. I was surprised that such a little thing had made you so happy! Then you learned how much fun it was to play and over the years you loved to entertain everyone. My mother-in-law was so surprised watching you determinedly open your presents. You worked so hard with your head and your paws and would then run off with your treasures while we all laughed at how sweet you were.

I remember looking at you sometimes and thinking you were too good to be true and sometimes now it does seem like a beautiful dream. You had such a huge heart Bailey! Nothing ever deterred you. You taught us so much about love and loyalty and courage especially; during those last few weeks.

I wish you could meet your little brother, Charlie ... although I have a sneaking suspicion that you already have. He was the perfect little soul to come into our lives and help to heal our broken hearts. But I think you already knew that; didn’t you Bails?

I recently read that dogs don’t die: they are just sleeping in our hearts and I believe that it’s true. You have lived in my heart from the first moment I saw you and felt such an immediate connection. Rest easy Bailey and know that you will be always be in my heart until I can once more look into your beautiful amber eyes. Love you always my sweet, sweet boy; my Sugarbear! ❤️
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MJ: You are being warmly thought of on this day! 4 years after Bailey went off to get his angel wings!
I remember reading your story of Bailey early on and it won my heart. It was so sad to know that he was injured through abuse but then so very heart warming learning that he was rescued and lived a lovely and very happy life with you and your husband! I think he must have been so grateful and loved you so very much as a result. Your tribute to your Sugar bear Bailey is very heartfelt and tells a story of true love.
When you say it seems like a beautiful dream it so resonated with me as I have felt that way too on occasion! I believe Bailey did orchestrate Charlie coming to live with his parents and it’s so helpful to know that Charlie helped to heal your heart. It gives me hope that one day soon I may bring another dog into my life. I’m so happy it’s all worked out for you although I can see how much you still miss Bailey. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos and this lovely story! I hope that you have many happy Bailey moments today and that you feel him along with you on every step of the way. Hugs to you!
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To my dear friend MJ,
Sending my warmest wishes on this difficult day, the four year Angelversary for your adorable lion-hearted Bailey. You wrote such a beautiful tribute to Bailey, one that filled my heart with warmth while my head nodded at all the similarities that I so understand, my eyes filled with tears when I read how nothing deterred your sweet Bailey, again the similarities that I know so well. They truly taught us so much, the lessons continue today even in their absence.

I love that Charlie found his way to you, and yes!!! I agree that Bailey had a paw in bringing you and Charlie together and I'm sure Bailey whispers all sort of puppy secrets into his little brother's ear, especially all the ways to make their wonderful, loving Mom smile and laugh.

I post this candle in honor of Bailey and his four years, may your wonderful heart feel the warmth and love that your sweet Bailey continues to surround you with.
Please give my best to your husband, and always big belly rubs for sweet Charlie.
May today be a gentle one with many smiles from the many moments your Bailey gave you.
Your friend always, Don

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Dearest MJ,

What a beautiful post you wrote to lovely sweet Bailey on his 4th angelversary. It brought tears to my eyes when you wrote: "I remember looking at you sometimes and thinking you were too good to be true and sometimes now it does seem like a beautiful dream." Time flies, dear friend but your Bailey will forever live on in your heart with many moments when you live the beautiful dream. I wish a lovely day for you, your husband and sweet Charlie with lots of joyful memories.

In honor of Bailey I post a flower
Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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Dear MJ, your post to Bailey is so touching, like Don said, there are so many familiar things in your post that we all can understand. Four years, how does that seem so long ago one minute and like yesterday the next. These little angels bring so much love and happiness into our lives, it surrounds us daily, it fills our heart to the brim. The fact that we still feel them near us, still remember how our hearts would beat with so much love when we looked into their eyes, and even four years later that love is as strong as ever, if not even more so. You have been such a good friend through all this time and I want to say how much we all appreciate it. I pray that today you will be able to feel Bailey ever so close, that the lovely memories of your time together here on earth will be stronger than ever. Blessings to you and Charlie and may your day be peaceful, filled with love.

your friends, Charlie and Deborah
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Such wonderful photos - and such a beautiful and touching note to your 'Sugar-bear lion-hearted' Bails...He is your angel for always residing within your heart and soul until that day you meet again.  And of course Bailey has instructed little Charlie now and again in the ways to look after their special Mom - Don is right, those doggie whispers abound!
May you feel the paws of love about you always MJ.

Many hugs always!
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Hi MJ,

Thank you so much for your email and for checking in on me. I hope you got my reply. I just wanted to pop in before bed and let you know I have been thinking of you and your amber-eyed boy today. Four years. Wow. What a beautiful letter to your sweet Bails. The love you have for him just shines off the screen. What a lucky boy to have found you. I am wishing you peace and beautiful memories today, although I'm sure it has been a tough one in many ways. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and for our special connection. 

Your friend,
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Hi MJ - just popping by on this 4 year Angelversary for your beautiful amber eyed boy Bailey.  While it may be 4 years since he crossed the Bridge, I know just how much he lives on in your heart - and it is so very true what you write - our little soul mates do not die, they sleep forever within our hearts until we meet them once again....        I remember your sad story about how dreadfully abused Bailey was - and it reminded me so much of Jims awful start in life.... it really is unbelievable how cruel some people can be....

   I like to think Bailey had a paw in sending Charlie to you, and I`m sure he checks in on you all every now and again to see how you are doing!  While I know yesterday will have held sad memories for you and Reinhard, I also hope you looked back at the amazing life you gave to your sweet little lion dog - and all the happy memories you made with him.. 

                                                           Big hugs to you MJ - your English Sis, Jackie xx
J Taylor
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Hi MJ ~ thinking of you on this four year Angelversary since your sweet Bailey boy went to the Bridge.  Charlie was certainly sent to you by your precious little guy, to walk beside you and warm your heart just as Bailey continues to do each day.  Your boys are together in this adventure of unconditional love...a forever bond of love with you that strengthens each day.

Sending you lots of hugs and wishes for peaceful times with your little guys.

Your friends, Dawn, Randy and Molly xxx
Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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Hi MJ on your Angelversary for you sweet Bailey, where does time go?  Your Bailey is so loved by you and many of us here on the forum. I am hoping your baby sends you some good signs and lets you know he is ok. And Charlie your special boy filling your heart with love and knowing he is care for so much by you.

May your sweet Bails with the beautiful Amber eyes keep close to your heart and soul....til you meet again...

Sending warm hugs and letting you know I am thinking of you.....


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To my dear forum friends: Thank you all so much for your heartfelt replies on Bailey’s 4th Angelversary!
I’m sorry for the late reply.
My husband and Charlie and I went for a walk on Bailey’s beloved waterfront on the 10th and then decided to stop by and visit my father. We had only just arrived when he had a heart attack. I think that Bailey was watching over us all that day as I hate to think what would have happened if we hadn’t been there at that exact moment. His condition is still serious so we have been with him a lot of the time, along with family and friends .

Reading through each of your replies was wonderful and brought tears of happiness at a much needed time.
I will reply individually when things settle but for now I just wanted to say thank you and God bless! ❤️
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Dear MJ: I’m sorry I missed your post to Bailey for his 4th year at Rainbow Bridge. I agree with Cam and everyone. Bailey is loved very much here on the forum. Your posts both early and recent always bring me to tears, being so sincere and loving. Bailey was a lucky dog! The pictures you’ve posted were so very nice to see and it’s great to see one of my friends from the forum along with your beloved lion dog.
I’m so sorry to hear about your father and I believe Bailey was nearby that day ensuring that everything went well and your father made it through. What a stressful day for you and your husband though! I hope your father is doing better. Take it easy MJ and know that I will be holding good thoughts for you and your father and please post an update when you can.
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You’re very welcome MJ. I absolutely loved your post to Bailey for his 4 year .... “Angelversary - I love that!
Its so strange indeed that your father would have a heart attack on the very same day and I think your Bailey definitely had a paw in you’re deciding to visit to your father just in time! I’m sending you my very best wishes for his full recovery! Hugs to you!
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Hi MJ!  Just wanted to stop by and Thank you for your beautiful post on Jims 4 year Angelversary.  We spent the day sharing memories of him - including some of the naughty things he got up to (!), but mainly remembering him for the gentle little soul that he was, and how lucky we were to share his life for so many wonderful years. 

  I imagine Jim, Bailey and all the Bridge gang are now eagerly awaiting Christmas - what a fantastic time they must all have, but I know our boys will still find lots of time to pop in and visit us!  Thank you for being a lovely friend MJ - and I`ll catch up with you on facebook before Christmas! 

                                                                                  Big hugs from your English Sis Jackie xxx
J Taylor
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