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Thank you MJ. I do hope I am helping people here because in helping them I feel better. I remember how it was in the very early days and, as you said, I could never dream of a life without my babies so to reach out my hand to anyone in that situation is cathartic and I hope helpful. I’m so happy that you were able to adopt Charlie. He’s a lucky boy indeed. Bailey would be proud of his mom.
Thank you for your New Year wish for everyone. Very nicely said!
Hugs to you!

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Hi MJ ~ I appreciate your kind post on Molly’s page very much! Thank you for always being such an inspiration and a great friend. I hope Charlie had a great time opening his Christmas treats, with little Bailey helping him and sharing the love, of course. Having our fur children join in on the beauty of the season is the best gift of all, and the connection we have with them keeps us close forever. It amazes me how much they continue to show us and how they bring more meaning to everything we do.

Wishing you a new year filled with signs of closeness from your sweet Bails and many special moments with Charlie and Bailey both walking each step of your way right beside you. Lots of hugs to you all from your friends,

Dawn, Randy and Molly xxx

Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO

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Hi MJ,  hoping that you had a wonderful Christmas, and I bet Charlie had a blast opening all of his presents!  Its hard to think that 2019 is here already - sometimes its hard to believe that so much time has passed by since Bailey and Jim went over the Bridge, but at least we still feel that strong bond with them - and even more so during the holidays.  

  Wishing you a beautiful New Year, filled with lots of fun with handsome little Charlie - he is such a lucky boy to have found his forever home with you and Reinhard.  and of course remembering all those special memories made with sweet Bailey!  I just know he and Jim get up to endless amounts of fun and mischief over the Bridge - and so they should!

                                                                    Big hugs from your English Sis Jackie xxx

J Taylor

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Hi MJ,
Just stopping in to let you know your lion-hearted boy, with the amber eyes was thought of on this 10th...May your heart be held gently and softly by his love always and may every once in a while your Bails remind you he is still keeping an eye on his special mum, dad and of course making sure that adorable Charlie Boy is 'behaving'!  Two lucky pups for sure as Jackie says!  Hugs always
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