Dear chopper, it's been nearly 5 months without you. I miss you so much. I think about you every single day and how much love and joy you gave me. Sometimes though just like tonight I think about the last night you were with us. It totally breaks my heart. I wish I new what was happening so I could've taken you to the vets sooner. I feel completely guilty that I didn't know and it hurts so much. You deserved a long life, 6 years was not enough! I wish you were on my bed right now snuggled in taking up all the room! Life changed so much when you came into it. You made everyday amazing. And the day you left it changed again. It's hard, it's really hard to be here without you but you also gave me so many amazing memories that i will have forever. I love you with all my heart and I will never forget you! xox
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Goza What a beautiful dog Chopper was.  I also remember my Babies last day.  I don't think any of us here will ever forget that.  6 years old was indeed very very young for Chopper.  When Winston passed, he took a huge part of me with him.  My life also changed drasticaly.  Hopefully time will do its job with all of us here.  To help lessen our grief and pain.  I wish us all Peace.   Sue
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Goza~  I remember when you first posted about Chopper. Can't believe it's almost 5 months for you. It's over 7 months for me since Lucy passed. Some days it feels like yesterday. The pain is that raw. Other days it feels like years. Almost a blurry dream or nightmare. Why do we all replay the last day(s)? Must be part of the pain & grieving. Please try to erase any guilt. I know it's very hard to do this. There was no way you knew what was going on. Even if you had gone to the vet sooner, it likely wouldn't have changed the outcome. But none of these thoughts will change how you are feeling-- missing Chopper-- wishing he was snuggled on your bed. In his picture, he sure is a handsome, happy guy. He looks like he's waiting for the next adventure. 'Get your motor running'...head out on the highway'...Chopper is smiling. 

You are right. Six years was not enough. But from your stories & pictures, you packed a ton of love in these years. I'd bet that Chopper is proud of you for sharing him with all of us. And I thank you too! Hugs, Kasey

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The anniversaries are so difficult aren't they? It's been 7 months since Bailey passed. I have a lot of beautiful memories that bring smiles to my face but on these anniversaries I think back to when we had to say good bye and I wish too that I could have known sooner how sick he really was. Unfortunately, animals hide their pain so well. I'm so sorry for your loss! Chopper was so young - and so beautiful - and most importantly - so loved!
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your picture of Chopper is beautiful, looking so happy in that picture, and I know you are only 5 months since he has been out of your life, and to me, 5 months is still new and raw. Heck, I am going on over 6 months, and I still cry like a baby everyday, just cuz i miss my darling Munki. I know someday, i will have lots of smiles, and precious memories to get me thru the days, but for now its still new to me, and I miss my girl.

Please know you are not alone, and wishing you comfort and support during this time...


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