Today is one year since my Timothy went to the Bridge.  24th August 2017, the worst day of my life. Ever.

My darling little Timothy.  We loved you from the moment we saw you. Funny loppy baby bunny, with one ear up, one down. Little did I know then what impact you would have on our lives. Our perception of what bunnies are and what bunnies do was changed forever. Every precious day spent with you was joy, fun, worry, stress, perfection.  We were so proud that you were ours. It was always like “look what we’ve got”….. Three and a half years of love and naughtiness. It was a colourful storybook, and there should have been many more pages, many more words, many more pictures. We were not ready for it to end. There is a gulf as big as the universe between the inevitable and accepting the inevitable.

I still see you. Lying under the table. Hopping up the garden path.  Nibbling the grass. Waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. Up on your back feet, asking for your treats.

I still hear you. Your little feet on the kitchen floor.  Your piggy grunts when you chased me around the house, playing hide and seek. Scratching on the door to get in, and then to get out again because you were contrary like that.  

I still feel you.  Brushing against my leg.  Nipping at my ankles. A fluffy bundle at my feet, keeping my toes warm. Little licks on my arm.   

So, there is no full stop at the end of this story. Not even a comma. No closure. The rest of the pages that should have been full are now empty. They are wet with tears, but there can never be an ending. We miss you terribly, but you are with us always, because we can’t let you go and we don’t want to.

One day we will see you again, we have to, because the thought that we never will is just inconceivable.

Love and miss you always my Timbob xxxx


"The pain I feel now is the happiness I had before. That's the deal"      C.S. Lewis
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You WILL see Timothy again.... restored and brand new!  My sympathy to you on the anniversary of Timothy's bridge crossing.

They never live long enough....
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What a beautiful bunny your Timothy, I'm sorry for your loss. Our babies bring us so much happiness and it is so sad when they have to go. It sounds like you gave your Timothy a wonderful life and he was lucky to have you. Our babies who have passed on are now our little furry angels who will watch over us and always be with us and are waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge until we can join them forever.
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What sweet tribute to your darling Timothy, Lynda! I feel as if I can see him too, you describe him so clearly. Forever would not have been long enough. That's how it is with all our little ones. Anyone who says it's just a rabbit has obviously never loved one. They're all individuals, all wonderful, all just as deserving of love and protection as any other creature you could name. It's amazing how something so small can have such a prescence, and they know it too! Such little characters.
May Timothy wrap you in his love today, and remind you that you gave him a life he otherwise not have ever had. And one day, when it's time, you'll be together again. Until then, may his spirit binky its way into your heart and lift you up as you remember him on this day.
Peace and blessings to you ❤🐇🐰
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Thank you for sharing your Timothy with us! He's so cute. I've never had a rabbit, but I always visit them at the shelter I volunteer at; they're beautiful animals. Wishing you peace and comfort on this one year anniversary of Timothy 's passing.
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A very beautiful tribute to your Timothy. It does seem like we can only get to a point of living with the emptiness, we just do the best we can everyday, one day at a time. The love, the missing, the pain is always there, always will be but only because of how deep the love is, and always will be. Blessings to you, and I know Timothy will always be with you even if you can't see him, and you will be reunited again, forever.
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"In my darkest hour, I reached for a hand and found your paw." Truer words were never spoken when it comes to our babies. 🐰❤🐱
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