Today I would like to remember my beautiful kitty Myles. He passed Jan 20th 2013
So far you have read about my Lhasa Duncan. I did not write about Myles because I did not know about this site until Duncan passed.

Myles was an orange Tiger. He was 11 the oldest of all my pets. I got him at 8 weeks old from my vet. He had been dumped in a used car lot. I have taken my other kitty Tigger for a check up and the vet mentioned she has 5 kittens in need of a home. My Dad and Son who was 10 at the time went with me to take a look. We choose Myles, he I think was the runt. He hid in the back of the cage and looked terrified. He was not the most beautiful kitty but he grew up to be the sweetest cat I have ever owned. He welcomed 2 more kittens down through the years and showed them the ropes. Tigger and he did not get along, not his fault. Tigger was one of those cats who liked his own company. As the years passed we lost Tigger and Gus. Myles was left with Duncan. So 4 years ago we welcomed Murphy. Again a kitten for Myles to train. They were buddies. Myles loved stake cut up into little pieces and american sliced cheese. He was shy and really stayed in the backround.
The week of Jan 20th he was not feeling well. My Vet thought it was his Asthma. She started him on Prednizone. What a mistake. He was not doing well so 2 days in I took him along to be checked. It was a Sunday. The news was bad. Myles had congestive heart failure. His lungs were full of fluid. After disgussing our options we decided to put my sweet little Myles to sleep. I held him in my arms and kissed him Good Bye as he drifted off. My son burried him under the big old pine tree where he liked to sit. It was freezing cold. But that did not stop Murphy from sitting on his buddy's grave. He sat for over an hour and continued to do so for the next 5 days. What a tribute to his friend. Yes, we could learn from our fur babies.
Jan 20th was a very sad day but I was not to know I would repeat the same saga 6 months later.

I would like to thank you Myles for all the love you gave me. You were and still are the sweetest kitty I have ever known. Sleep softly my little buddy. I will see you again one day.

Mommy loves and misses you. xx

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Myles sounds like such a sweet kitty. How lucky he was that you came along to take him into your family! Eleven years together seems like such a long time, until the time comes to say goodbye. Then it is not nearly enough time.

You have written a beautiful tribute to Myles. It has reminded me, in the midst of my grief at losing my JR, that there have been so many pets to grace my life. All of them have held a special place in my heart and I remember them all with much love. I have been as blessed as you have been to receive my pets' unconditional love. I have many wonderful memories to visit when I miss them.

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt tribute to Myles. What a trooper he was to take on the training of the little ones. And what a beautiful tribute he received from his loyal pal Murphy. You gave Myles every bit as much love as he gave you. And you gave him friends and a family to love him as well.

Thank you, Myles, for loving Gertie.

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