Casper, I can hardly believe it's been 7 long years since you left me...it's so strange but in many ways the passage of time has been so rapid, but also it seems like a lifetime ago since I last saw you and held you close to me.

I can still remember everything about you...nothing, absolutely nothing has faded from my memory. You are as dear to me now as you were then. 7 years has done nothing to lessen the love I feel for you...it hasn't stopped how much I think of you or how much I miss you.

I still keep you in my heart my darling, where you will live for all eternity. Even when I am no longer here, even when my heart is composed of nothing but dust, it will still nurture your memory.

I will never, ever break the promise I whispered to you that day on 7 November 2009. I promised that I would always love you and that I would never forget you. And I never will.

You were and will forever be my sweet, sweet blue boy. And I will love and miss you forever.

I have a favourite piece of music that I first came across many years ago, when I was just a girl. It came from a film, called 'Somewhere in Time'. It is the most beautiful piece of music and, for some reason that I can't really explain, every time I hear it, I think of you. And I cry for you. It's become 'our' tune. And I believe that I will see you again, my beautiful wee man, somewhere in time...

Rest in peace my baby.

Mum xxxxxxx

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Polly, what an absolutely beautiful tribute to your baby Casper, and I know he will be so proud to know that you love him just as much now as you ever did while he was with you.  Its now 11 months since we lost our special little dog Jim, and I know for sure I`ll remember and love him until the end of time itself - just sometimes 2 souls connect, human or animal and those souls will be forever connected.    Like you I also believe we will see these precious ones again - and this time it will be forever.  Casper was such a lucky boy to have such a wonderful mum - bless you, and take care.

J Taylor
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Polly, your post made me tear up. My grief is still very raw as I just lost my best buddy, Leo, over a week ago and still can't believe he's gone. And like you, I know I'll still miss him and love him years from now. He was so special. Larger than life. I wish I could have him back even from one more day.

Take care,
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