It hasn't been a week since my beloved ALI Cat passed away. As I sit on my couch, my arm automatically reaches out to "pet" him where he always slept at the other end of the couch. I do this without even looking up. It is just what I did with him. And when I realize what I am doing (since he is gone, now), I am filled with  feelings  of  love and warmth - and not as much sadness as I expected. I think that this is his gift to me. Am I the only one who feels this way?
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You are not alone. In time, as we move through our grief, our beloved animals reach out to us to provide love and comfort, just as they always did. I'm happy for you that you are experiencing this peace. It is what we all hope for. For some it comes sooner. It is his gift to you and I thank you for opening your heart to recieve it. Death has no power to end the love and connection we feel to our beloved animals. Thankyou for sharing your story and giving ALI Cat so much love.
x tiki
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