Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and reaching out for some support after worrisome news I got from the vet. 

My dog had to have a growth removed from his side today I first noticed it in January and kept an eye on it, he has been eating and drinking ok ever since, but the lump grew and it was easily visible out of his side. 
The vet removed the lump today, and is sending it away for a biopsy but he said he believes it could be cancer, it's very strange because the growth grew outwards and not inwards, he said it was growing from the muscle tissue so he had to cut the muscle to get to the lump, he showed it to me which it looked like a lump of fatty tissue if i'm honest. 
My dog Paddy is a patterdale x jack russel who is 9, he has been through an ordeal all of his life, from the age of three he was diagnosed having allergies, losing fur on his legs and his chest, after moving from the UK to Bulgaria, the vets here did not believe it was allergies and treated him for mange, which to our astonishment worked needless to say however he suffered unecessarily for five years before hand. 
Then two years ago benign tumours were removed from his ears, and now we have another lump. We have taken the decision as hard as it is that if it is Cancer, we have decided against further treatment, only because the poor guy has never had a break, and really deserves to live out the last of his days in happiness. 
So I come to you guys for outreach and support, because right now as much as i'm dying inside, that I have to be strong for my boy, I understand many are in a similar situation, and I hope to be there for you too. 

Very best wishes

Because all pets deserve love. 
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I'm sorry to hear about the trials and tribulations that your Paddy has had to endure over the years. Have you consulted with a naturopathic vet at any point? You mentioned that you are now in Bulgaria. I know nothing about the country of Bulgaria but it is my understanding that Europe is light years ahead of the USA when it comes to alternative healing practices. I live in the USA and am appalled at the antiquated methods that mainstream, conventional medical practitioners use.  I am not a vet, just someone who believes in the power of natural (drug free) healing. May be something that you will want to consider. Whatever path you choose, I wish you and your beloved Paddy much success.

Sending positive healing vibes your way,
Jim Miller
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Im sorry to read about your difficult situation.  Here at the Forum we have all been through it, and sympathize with you.  Waiting for results of a test is so hard.  My dachshund, Brandon, had some many growths removed I lost count.  They were all benign- mostly papillomas.  He also had a number of fatty lipomas, also benign, which I did not have removed because the vet was not worried about them and also Brandon was old.  He finally died at 15 from Hyperparathyroidism. 
Please let us know when you get the results of your dog's tests.  It may not be as bad as you fear.  My sister's dog had a mass removed from his side a few months ago, a big incision with lots of stitches.  The mass was sent away for a biopsy because the vet thought it could be cancer.  Fortunately, it was not.  
I'm glad you have found the Forum.  It's a good place with good people.  
Moira - remembering Brandon
"Better lo'ed ye canna be. Will ye no' come back again?"
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Hi all, I has been a busy time, and wanted to give you guys some updates. Happy to say that the lump is benign, the vet is confident that he got all of it, so im hoping it won't grow again in the same place. 
Poor Paddy went through a hard time the first few days where he was in pain, he was lethargic and I was worried for sure. By day 3 he perked up and started to potter about and do his thing. When I saw another lump forming under the stitches, and freaked out, got him straight back to the vets, who said they had got infected, so he had to have a drain put in and get the infection out, stitches came out on friday, and he has to have a peroxide cream three times a day but, he is recovering nicely and back to his usual happy self. 

thank you for all the lovely comments, I will keep you updated on his progress, not ready to lose my little guy just yet. 
Because all pets deserve love. 
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