Hello everyone
I am going through a really rough time. I lost my dog last year in April. He got sick and because he was a little aggressive he became hard to handle and we had to make the unfortunate decision to let him go. Even though he was kind of a meany he was my baby and I cherish those 9 years we had together. This past weekend my husband and I brought home a 8 week old corgi. The first night seemed okay but then at night he growled at me when I touched his tummy. My husband kind of heard it and saw me look uncomfortable. From there I started having anxiety around him and nervous to touch him. Yesterday was my first day of handling him by myself and it went horribly. I tried picking him up face forward and he growled and nipped at me. When I tried taking him out again 2x later he growled at me. This situation has been so draining mentally and physically. I told my husband I couldn’t take it anymore and he said okay, we could re home him. Thankfully I know a trainer who fosters dogs and she was so helpful to offer to find him a new home. Either way though I feel Like major crap. I feel so bad to have made a decision that deeply hurts my husband. I just can’t deal with this stress. It’s been too much and I keep worrying he will be aggressive with me. Btw he hasn’t been like this with my husband at all. Anyone else out there know what I mean?
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Although my situation is a bit different, I think I know how you are feeling. This used to be a peaceful home. I had 4 babies, mama was the mother to them all. She just disappeared one night when I couldn't get them in that night. LaGata was born in the first litter and the only kitten I could snatch away from my vet...mama's babies were so beautiful. Before I could get mama fixed, she did it again, TC and Anna I kept. There used to be no infighting. But now that LaGata is gone, the growls and hisses go on all the time. Sometimes it is directed at me. Take your time. I hope you find a new baby to love and one that reciprocates the bond
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