+23 days without my bff is hard adapting to life without her. Ive tried focusing on the stories that made her unique that brought me joy and happiness over the last 16.5 yrs, but my mind keeps going back to the last 24hrs at the end.
Maybe saying it in here will help....Angel (angelpie/fuzzy butt/furry face/my sunshine) You were not an embarrassment or an inconvenience....I did what I did out of love. The bloody nose and loss of control was the cancer, you were always a good girl. I passed along your things to a shelter, so others will benefit. The wild shiftless hobo next door (German Shepard pup) got your Kong toy and tore it up in a couple of days, but his dad says the remnants are his best friend now (lol) You remember what it was like when you were young and wild too. He says that his boy destroys everything, which reminded me of your puppy days where every anti-chewing remedy (garlic mix and cayenne) were just flavor enhancers to you, or when that company gave me several "angry cats" made out of fire hose. If I remember correctly it only took 7 minutes to dissect the first one, and the record was 3 minutes for the replacements they gave to test. I like to think you were famous for killing that companies "indestructible" toy. The stories I can tell seem to to be endless as you filled the last 16.5 yrs with joy and unconditional love. I keep showing ppl the pic of you sunbathing with a big smile of your face and like to think you are at peace and basking in sunshine now, but have to share something I saw that was posted by another pet parent, which seems to be fitting caption at this point......."Cancer is a big fat doodie head!" angelpie.jpg I miss the hell outta you!!! With All my Love and affection, your bff David
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David. So sorry for your loss. The pain is unbearable. I lost two to cancer, one in January, my soulmate Sammy, and then in March I list my soul kitty Mimi. That was sudden and didn't even know she had cancer. Wednesday I have to put my little guy (chiwauwa) Chino to have surgery to remove s mast cell tumor. Hopefully they can remove it all. Cancer sucks and I am sick of losing my babies to it. I have no children and my pets are everything to me. They are my children and my whole world. Prayers for your healing.🙏🙏🙏💔🌹🐾🌈
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I'm so sorry for your loss, David. Angel looks and sounds truly like an Angel. She knows you loved her with all your heart, and were very proud of her. You were both blessed to have found each other. And I believe you will see her again.

Thoughts and prayers,
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I'm so sorry David. But honestly, I feel like with anyone (or any pet) that we truly love, they become part of us, and that part will live as long as we do.
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David.. Your post and picture of your beautiful girl made my heart sad but also smile the way you shared your memories of her. I can tell you loved her more than anything and I am sure she loved you even more than that. My heart goes out to you.. I lost my best friend, Wiley, to sinus cancer and my baby girl, Abbeyboo, to cancer in her intestines. Yes, cancer sucks it is the Devil on Earth and it stole so many of our babies it just isn't fair. My heart breaks with you knowing where you are on this road without her.. Trying so hard to adjust to this "new normal".. It's beyond words.

Cling to the good memories and share them with people, tell her story, keep that joy close to you as she is always with you. These are such hard day's (months... Years...) But you are not alone ❤

Love and hugs,
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