I’m an avid pinner on Pinterest and even have a board dedicated to my sweet Beowulf to help me process my grief. While pinning to his board this morning, I came across a pin that talked about a Native American legend which states when a person dies, all of the animals they’ve encountered in their life wait by a bridge to judge them. These animals decide who may cross over the bridge into Heaven and who will be turned away. I wasn’t able to find much regarding this “legend” so I’m not sure if it’s a genuine Native American legend, but I thought it was interesting and wanted to share.

I also came across our earthly Rainbow Bridge which is located in southern Utah at the base of Navajo Mountain. It’s the largest known natural bridge in the world, and it is the site of ritual offerings, sacred ceremonies, and other religious practices with evidence of this area being occupied by indigenous people for over 13,000 years. As for it’s origin, Navajo stories tell of a male and a female rainbow person coming together in perfect union, and being frozen in time.

I feel like Rainbow Bridge is calling to me as it definitely sounds like a place where we can reach beyond the veil.
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