I've had and lost many pets in my life. Last night I lost my pet rabbit Blitz. She was one of the first rabbits I've ever owned. She was just over a year old and it seems so unfair that she had to die this young, leaving behind her 3 week old kits. (the kits are still okay to date)

Blitz brought me nothing but joy. 3 days ago she was lethargic and not eating much. I separated her from my other rabbits and monitored her the whole time. Checking in on her constantly, trying to encourage her to eat.

Her situation worsened overnight, she didn't want to eat at all the next day. We live very far from the vet and I live with the guilt that I could've saved her if she got some professional help.

I watched her the whole day, trying to feed her, trying to soothe her obvious pain. I put her in a box where she could lay, covered her with a blanket and I sat on the floor next to her box stroking her. Moments later she let out a terrifying scream, and I cried, thinking this was the end. She ended up laying in an awkward position and I was too afraid to move her, thinking it was the most comfortable for her. I continued to stroke her, talk to her and finished up everything else I needed to do so I could spend all my time with her. Her breathing was labored and she was making strange grunting noises.

I took her in her box to my room and continued to stroke her, sing to her, talk to her. Telling her how much she meant to me and how I love her. I sat with her for hours and watched her go through all the stages of death. I dosed off for a while but I came back to soothe her until she took her last breath.

I sat with Blitz for hours. I never saw so much pain before. Death brought her relief, but the hours leading up to death was unbearable. I feel so guilty and cannot forgive myself for the pain I let her go through. I did everything I possibly could and what I thought was best in that moment.

This is extremely hard for me. I never knew a rabbit would crawl so deeply into my heart and leave such a void...
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It's always very sad to lose a fur baby; whether it is a rabbit, a cat, a dog, a bird or a chicken. Once you spend a lot of time raising them and playing with them, you 'll have this connection with them. They become a member of your family. I used to have different types of pets; chicken, rabbits, birds, fishes, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, and reptiles. Every time when they died, I cried like a river. And I think that animals are like us, they also have feelings and souls. Love can grow between humans and any types of animals. 

Your pain is still very raw. It will be better with time. Pls keep coming to this forum. There are a lot of caring and understanding people here who are also going through the same pain. I lost my cat over a month ago, and I still cry. Especially when I see his picture while he was sick. I haven't done that though in the last few days, cuz I just can't handle it. 

Take care and remind yourself that you are hurt right now because you loved her so much. I am sure she knew that.
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I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved Blitz.  It sounds like she was very sick and I don't know whether or not taking her to a vet could have saved her.  Many of us have taken our fur babies to vets only to learn that nothing can be done or that treatment would be very involved, cause a lot of suffering to our babies with no guarantee of success.  A vet may have been able to end  her life a few hours sooner but she would have had all the pain of being transported there. Instead she had you with her the whole time which was positive even if her death was painful.

It is understandable that you are going through the grief we all experience when we lose our fur babies.  But I hope that you will be able to get beyond the guilt.  You did everything that you possibly could given the circumstances and that is all that anyone would reasonably expect of you. You showed a lot of love to Blitz and I am sure that she knew she was deeply loved by you.  Again I am very sorry for your loss and the pain that you are feeling.
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Thank you for your kind words.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of your beautiful rabbit Blitz. And I am sorry for what you and she had to endure during her final days and hours. I am sure that she was comforted by having you by her side, stroking her, talking to her and singing to her until the end.

My condolences,
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