My lil' Woogie just died in my arms, stretched out for me to rub his belly and neck.  Some of you may remember about 16 mos. or so ago, Woogie crushed his lil' leg.  We had to have it amputated and his recovery was long and full of worry.  His stump had healed but he wasn't eating or getting better.  It was a very special homeopath here on the net that gave me 3 remedies to try and within 2 days Woogie was runnin' around and within a week he was running on his beloved wheel again.   He was such a clowny lil' character ... if you walked by his cage without acknowledging him, he would jump up and hold onto the bars and shake them, like, LOOK AT ME ... give me treats ......... he was a wonderful companion.   He had gained his weight and was doing GREAT.
Yesterday, Eddie saw him upside down in his tube and we thought he was dead.
But, when I opened his cage, he righted himself and took the raisin I offered.  He'd been eating/drinking and playing like normal.
Last night, I was uncomfortable not hearing his wheel during the night ... while it is noisy and disrupts my sleep, NOT hearing it disrupted it all the more.  This morning he was very limp and lethargic.  Didn't want to eat and was making pathetic noises. 
I mashed a banana and mixed with water and he took it thru the syringe.  But, with each passing moment, I felt him slipping away.   I held him and snuggled him ... he stretched out for me to rub his belly and neck, HE LOVED THAT ... and a few minutes he kind of shuttered and was gone.  How can it be so quick?  how can he seem fine and then die.  We'd been thru so much, I'd gone so far to help him with his leg, how can he be gone now???
I can't stand it .........
You all were so awesome with support, and love and compassion when he was hurt ... your prayers and positive thoughts helped him heal.   Why didn't I even have that chance this time?  
Norma and the Shadowhoffen Shepherds ~~ Rebel and Rex together forever
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I am so sorry about Woogie.  I know in time you will be able to focus on the Joy of your time together, but for now, please know that we all share this loss with you.  Hang in there my friend.

Tom T
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Oh my dearest Norma, I am so sorry to read your post here about you loosing your Lil Woogie (((hugs)) I havent really been on FB today,trying to catch up in my in-box and ended up here.I am so sorry.You did your upmost for Woogie,and he knows it.I dont know anything about Chinnys,but was he old for a Chinny? I dont know what to say except he went whilst you were tickling his tummy,sweet baby.I know that your big boy Rebel will have been there to meet and greet him,your Woogie's little leg will be renewed,and he will be whole again.I am so sorry that you find yourselve here again with another loss,they never get any easier Norma.Sending love and hugs your way,and I will send a little Prayer for your precious Woogie....

Love and Light
Fairy Kisses for your precious Baby xxxxxx
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Dear Norma,

Although I was already aware of the sad news of Woogie getting his wings, reading your post here has brought on an onslaught of tears.  What a tender account of his last day with you. I hope that in time you will find comfort in the knowledge that he was in your arms, enjoying his last tummy tickles when he made his journey.  And just think ~ he made that journey on Rebel's back, squealing and giggling all the way to the Rainbow Bridge.  Not only did he have a fantastic life with you, but he couldn't have hoped for a better exit.  I know your heart is breaking, but he will send you a sign to let you know he is happy and healthy, and he has even been reunited with his little leggy!

Your description of Woogie's recovery and his strong spirit was wonderful.  I know it only gives us a small peek into life with such an adorable little guy, but I thank you for that little glimpse.  My heart aches for you. Woogie had such a wonderful life with you, and I know he holds a very special and warm spot in your heart forever.  Bless you and Eddie for loving him so well, and for giving him such a wonderful home.  No mater how long they're with us, it's never long enough.

As I was typing that last paragraph, I heard T.J. meowing loudly at the bottom of the stairs.  All of a sudden, he made a terrible noise that terrified me.  I went to check on him, and he had fallen on his way up to see me.  Poor, wobbly old guy.  He's happy though, and eating and enjoying making biscuits for a good portion of every day.  I know that every day with him is a gift, and treasure him with all my heart.  I will cuddle him just a little closer tonight, thinking of you and Woogie.

Squillions of virtual hugs are coming your way tonight, my dear friend.


My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

"Memories of loved ones are like songs in our soul." Margaret Wakeley




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In one of them, I shall be laughing.
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