Our 13 year old cat Sunshine passed away very unexpectedly yesterday morning and I am so distraught. I woke up in the morning and he was asleep on the bed next to me like he was every morning and I went to get my son from his crib and take him downstairs to eat his breakfast, from the time I got my son out of his crib and brought him down I heard Sunshine making a funny noise and I went upstairs to see what was going on and he was on side breathing heavy. I was so worried so I immediately threw on some clothes and called my husband to tell him what was going on and we were rushing to the vets after I got off the phone to get Sunshine's carrier he had passed away already. It was so sad and so awful. My husband came home from work to take him to a memorial place and got him cremated and a plaque with his paw print but I feel so so so heart broken. It rained all day here in Houston yesterday and it seemed like the worst day of my life bht today it was sunny and it was just as bad. We adopted him from the shelter when he was 7 and he gave so much love to us. He was there through our college graduations, marriage, med school graduation, birth of our son, he was always there with us and now he's gone and a big part of my heart feels gone also. Please tell me this pain lessens over time.
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Sweetie I am so very sorry for what you are going through.  I know that everyone here will hold you close to their hearts during this awful time that we all know so very well.  I wish I could tell you that you will feel better soon, but that doesn't seem to be the case for most of us.  There just is NO time table for grief.  It is what it is and there is no right or wrong.  Just do what feels right for you and your family.

I seem to be the only one who didn't get a paw print back with my baby.  that would be so comforting to have that, at least I think it would.  I hope it brings you some comfort anyway every little bit helps some.  This is a difficult time for you and you have a family to care for too, so you have to just keep going on some things.

Try to find some time just for YOU to grieve as you need to and say what you want on this wonderful site.  We are all here for you.  Holding you close and sending you lots of hugs.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Sunshine was a cutey. I know the pain is unbearable. Unfortunately when it is there time to go it often happens so quickly. Hopefully when you get his ashes and paw print back you will feel some comfort. The grief takes awhile. It can be debilitating. Eveyone here on the forum is at different stages. We will all help you.
Wishing you peace and healing
Sending hugs
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I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot tell you if the pain will pass. My baby just passed away two days ago and I am still in the raw, screaming, crying phase. I would give my left arm to have her back. I hope we can all find comfort in knowing we are not alone, and I can only hope the pain will ease. Hugs
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I am so sorry you lost your beautiful Sunshine! How wonderful that you adopted him from a shelter and gave him so much love - and I know they give back so much in return. I'm sure he loved being such a huge and important part of your family. It must have been such a shock to lose him so quickly. I lost my little dog 5 months ago and I thought I would never feel normal again. I was told I would feel a little less grief each day and I have found that to be true. The hole they leave in our hearts is never completely filled but in time all of the sweet memories of Sunshine will bring a smile to your face.
Thinking of you and sending you Hugs!
MJ :)
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Hi, I would like to add my condolences on the loss of your sweet kitty. It is so hard to lose a wonderful pet like Sunshine and it's easy to tell how much you loved him. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Please Take Care!
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