I lost my 6 yr old sidekick,best friend, protector, last March 9th to unforeseen health issues . I never had a clue she was sick and a ticking timebomb, and there was no clues that I was aware of before hand , but now I can see the signs were there but had become so common place , that it was all a part of who and why I loved her quirky ways so much ...maybe in writing this it might shed light on the life of another. I miss her so so much .
Birdie was such a loving individual, an English bulldog, and my whole world , her and her mom, bella, whom is close by my side now , when before she loved me from a far because birdie seemed me hers and hers only, and her mom bella was allowed only when it was ok with her daughter too get close to me and get showered with love too.
Birdie always loved to eat and always more than her share , and she would run her mom off of her food too, and she was always at the water . Birdie would eat very fast and drink really fast afterwards and then moments later she'd spew food everywhere and "gross part" lap it back in before I could get it cleaned up , I had to always monitor her intakes carefully to prevent this . And sometimes it would happen anyway. Not every day but enough to be a normal thing from her . Or sometimes hrs later and company she really loved stop by and shed get excited and spew everything out everywhere. People soon got to the point of scatting her away or trying carefully to calm her before the attach of miss pukes-slot aka birdie.
The saddest part , she was always up for gu ping for a ride to town with me. I left the house that day and a lil before she had spewed, I cleaned it up , she didn't try to lap it up this time , just was sitting there , I got ready to go and she started for the door and I had told her no I'd be back soon . I got bk and notice immediate that she wasn't acting right . I checked vitals and she was white gu ums, younge no pink to her anywhere and could in her mouth ice cold. Breathing was shallow and she was near the heater and was not like her to do that , I called her vet and he soon called bk. Her temp was way too low , I made it to the vet but it was too late , she was completely gone in 40 minutes start to finish , we did a ultrasound and found black cloud floating stuff in her abdomen, she bled out internally, that fast , vet said a mass had ruptured or an aneurysm ,no way to be sure unless we opened her up. I didn't want that and am fine with my decision. I just lost my best friend ever, couldn't stand her being cut on . Wasn't going to bring her back. If I had only known she was sick all this time ..
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Hug Bella and glad you have her. Sadly some animals just go earlier and sorry this happened.
I've been spending more and more time with my only pet left.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Birdie. It must be such a shock!  I hope being here and knowing you're not alone in your pain will be a help. Wishing you much, much comfort.
-Missing Marissa deeply
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