Arthur was a wandering male cat. I had been feeding him for almost 4 years and he sometimes stayed the night and he was staying more often but still liked his freedom. My own cat Toffee had slowly got used to him and he had wormed his way into my heart. On Christmas day he limped into my house after been missing for almost 3 weeks. It been Christmas day I contacted RSPCA for advice. Apart from injury he was eating well and alert. I took him to my local vet on Wednesday, poor little man had a broken back leg. He was sent to my vets hospital until today when I took him to PDSA for his leg to be amputated. I left him at vets and came home to wait for phone call to go collect him, I had left him on examination table cleaning himself . I had just got home when PDSA rang Arthur had also got a shattered pelvis. Vet explained that it would be kinder to put him to sleep. I agreed to let them do this and I was heart broken for him. I do not understand how my vet missed such a serious injury. If I had known then I would have been at his side on Wednesday comforting him has he passed but today I was not. His last few days must have been very painful. R.I. P Arthur. Sorry I let you down
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I just lost my Auggie yesterday afternoon.  He was a ten year old short haired doxie.  He was everything to me.  I put him down because I promised him he wouldn't ever have to suffer but, the truth is, he did suffer for a month until I felt he had every chance of improving the quality of his life.  I guess I am trying to say your words, "Sorry I let you down" are heartfelt.  Arthur sounds like he had such a great life with your ability to allow him to be free and then to be able to find care on his terms.  You are not a vet and there are things completely out of your control.  Please be gentle with yourself and know there are truly good souls in the world, like yourself.  So sorry for your loss.  Hugs to you and Toffee.
Auggie's Mom
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Ian so sorry to hear about Arthur, I dont think you let him down I think you did amazing taken him in and feeding him and looking after him and taken him to the vet , I think Arthur was very very lucky to have such a caring loving person in his life to take him in & care for him . I took my boy to pdsa as my partner wasent working at the time wee had been going for 3 month and all along my boy had a nasal tumour that they neglected to diagnose after scans and bloods until the day came I knew something wasent right , took him up was told by a not very nice inhumane woman " doc so and so checked him this day and that day wee will take him for a scan sign this piece of paper am 99% sure its a nasal tumor bring him up tomorrow weel put him to sleep " as if my son was a pound of mince I was in a state and told to get myself together. I will never forgive them for what they did to me , my son went on to live for 25 month after they wanted to kill him I reaserched every minute of the day and took him to a holistic vet whom helped me greatly x am sory for going on I just have no time for that place x again am so sorry for the loss of your baby Arthur I think what you did for him shows the amazing person you are x sending hugs at this hard time x
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