I first remember Alley while she was in a small room with her kittens at my godmother's house and when I was in a back of a Van with her in 1996,when we were bringing her home. My God mother adopted Alley off the street, Alley had some kittens, Nancy gave us Alley to keep. Alley was quiet,mysterious, loving and heart harming. I don't remember much about Alley until we had gotten another cat named Misty in 1999, 3 years later. When Misty first came into the house Alley was very protective and her and Misty went at it at first, throughout the years they grew together and Alley acted as a mom towards her,protecting her and such, I also remember them playing together and wrestling. Alley was always there for me. I remember when I was very young maybe before we had Misty I had gotten up to go to the kitchin one night. I tried to wake my mom but she wouldn't wake up so I went scared by myself. I noticed in the darkness Alley following me right behind me. When I paused she paused. When I walked she walked. I walked around the entire house, behind the couches and such and she would keep following me. She acted as a mother to me at times.Alley added a great deal of creativity to my mind I would constantly think of her and Misty doing crazy stuff. Alley loved to go outside and even though she was a house cat I let her out sometimes. I always knew I would regret not letting her out enough and one day I would regret it. And I do. I also remember Alley always laying in the window either in the kitchin ,porch or back room. She loved to sleep under the sun. She also loved to be by the heat when it was on. Alley always made me laugh when she tried to chase her tail. I remember when my nono would come he would always ask to bring home Alley because she would kill the mice,she was his favorite cat. When my mom had cancer I remember she told me about a time when she was on the couch and Alley would climb onto the side of her lap and warmth her,Alley always made me feel better and in a way she was my best friend. Throughout the 13 years I lived with her she ended up becoming my best friend and now I feel like the way feel when I lost my mom. In the final months of her life she became very close to me. She hopped up onto the ledge of my window by my room and lying with me in bed at 4-5 in the morning and making me feel better. She would constantly be in my room keeping me company. About a week before Alley's life i filmed here with my video camera climbing onto my bed and going to sleep on my pillow. I filmed that because I knew one day I will want to watch it when she is gone, I kissed her in the video and it ended as she went to sleep. The final night of her life I remember her getting stuck behind my bed and my dad thought she was dead but she was okay she was actually very sick. At the end of the night she crawled up beside me in my arms and went to sleep. The next morning before I went to school I was worried about her so I looked for her and found her in my sisters room. She looked like she was out of it. I touched stomach and she pulled her head up to look at me she looked very weak.I had to quickly leave to go to school. When I got home the humane society had taken Alley and they said there was a 80% chance they had to put her down. That night I said a prayer hoping she would be okay. In the morning I found out Alley had past. I feel like another hole has been put into my heart as Alley leaves.Alley had a tumor in her neck that made her ill,she was losing weight aswell.On October 20th,2009 Alley McBeail Nardelli past away.I made a promise to Alley that I will make sure nobody will ever hurt her. And she went without feeling pain, I promised. Now i am upset because I will never be able to see Alley again, but that's okay because Alley can see me. I'm glad that she is pefectly healthy again and that she can see the three other people that loved her most besides me.My God mother,Mom and Nono. Alley can now finally be outside when ever she wants and be up with the sun. I will see Alley again someday and I thank her for protecting me throughout the years. I will never forget Alley and I love her as much as I love any human family member of mine. I will think about Alley everyday and will feel her around me at night at the late hours.I feel better Alley can go wherever she wants now.I love Alley and I will see her again someday I miss the fact that I Can't see her beautiful face and pet her.But I will see her again one day and will pet her. But for now I will think about her everyday and will love her forever. She was to good for this world. May she finally Rest in Peace.Alley McBeil Nardelli.
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My deepest sympathys to you on the loss of your Kitty Alley.
I am also a firm believer that one day we will see our beloved Furries that have gone ahead, but I know that it does'nt always ease the pain we feel when we lose them,so my Prayers are with you for healing...
Fairy kisses for your precious Alley xxxx
Love and Light
Fairy Kisses for your precious Baby xxxxxx
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Hi McBeil,

Please accept my condolences... I am terribly sorry you lost your sweet Alley. I love the story about her and the picture you included. I love her face, I can see what a special kitty she was. I agree Alley can see you and is watching over you now.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you.



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Thank you both very much. It helps alot. Thanks,again.
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You have shared so many wonderful memories of your special soul kitty, Alley.  She is so beautiful!  I can just picture her with her shimmering angel wings, flittering around you as you sleep.  Thank you for the gift of the stories you have shared so far.  You have suffered so much loss in your life, and I know how much comfort you must feel knowing that Alley and your beautiful mom are together, watching over you.  You are a very special young woman to have such deep faith in your time of sorrow and loneliness.

You and Alley have a bond that will last forever and always.  As you said, you can't see her, but she can see you.  She is all around you, and she hears every word of love that your heart holds for her.  Bless you for loving her so well, and for protecting her from suffering at the end of her time with you.

You, your dad, Misty Cat, and your special angels are in my thoughts and prayers.

My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

"Memories of loved ones are like songs in our soul." Margaret Wakeley




In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.
~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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